Canseco Tweets He Has Been Accused of Rape Hours Before Police Confirm

Canseco Tweets He Has Been Accused of Rape Hours Before Police Confirm

Former Oakland A’s baseball player and “bash brother” Jose Canseco bizarrely tweeted on Wednesday that he was being accused of raping a woman, hours before Las Vegas police confirmed that he was being investigated for sexual assault and was a person of interest in the ongoing investigation. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department official Bill Cassell confirmed to the New York Daily News that Canseco was being investigated for sexual assault. 

“No charges have been filed,” Cassell said. “It would be inappropriate to discuss details of an ongoing investigation.”

Canseco had earlier tweeted “breaking news” that he had been “charged” with rape.

He said “all media were welcome” to this “drama filled” event.

He then proceeded to tweet pictures of a bikini-clad woman who may possibly be the woman who has charged him with rape. He also tweeted out what could possibly be the woman’s home and business phone numbers. Those tweets have since been deleted. 

Canseco, even though Las Vegas police said they could not comment on the investigation, also tweeted that he has been accused with drugging a woman before raping her.

He continued to ask the woman, via Twitter, to take a polygraph test, said he was willing to do so on national television, and then tweeted that he was in Texas getting ready to play in an independent league baseball game on Thursday.

After retiring from baseball and making allegations about other players who had taken steroids, Canseco has been known of late for his colorful use, to say it mildly, use of Twitter.