Keyshawn: Bieber a Trickster, Coward

Keyshawn: Bieber a Trickster, Coward
Keyshawn Johnson accused Justin Bieber of trading places with his black passenger–whom Johnson identified as Lil Twist–before pulling into his garage after speeding past Johnson’s children and endangering them earlier this week.
Johnson reportedly dropped his child off and then confronted the singer, who allegedly ran away from him like a child.
Johnson, on Friday, said to TMZ, “You got a 19-year-old kid … feeling entitled … speeding up and down the highway … that’s why all the neighbors is mad,” Key says … “You can’t do that.”
He said he saw Bieber behind the wheel and noted that he would “know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car … I got biracial kids.”
Johnson said Bieber has endangered multiple people, could seriously hurt someone, and is out of control with his behavior, noting Bieber even spat on a person recently in the Southern California neighborhood.