Report: Kevin Durant Joining Jay-Z's Sports Agency

Report: Kevin Durant Joining Jay-Z's Sports Agency

Kevin Durant will reportedly leave his sports agency and head to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency to team up with his idol. 

On Friday night, Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal broke the news:

The agency’s most high profile player to date had been the Yankees’s Robinson Cano. With Durant reportedly on board, there could, according to Forbes, now be a “domino effect,” because Durant now gives the agency the stamp of legitimacy in terms of both “street cred” and having an established and marketable athlete trusted by corporate brand. He has a track record of success with his endorsements, and his image is sterling as well–Durant even recently donated $1 million to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

Durant may have gone to Roc Nation not only to boost his brand but also because he wanted to be a pioneer in helping build that agency. The All-Star has expressed his frustration at always finishing in second place throughout his life.