Report: Hernandez Sent Fiancee Mysterious Text About 'Box' in 'Movie Room'

Report: Hernandez Sent Fiancee Mysterious Text About 'Box' in 'Movie Room'

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez reportedly sent a mysterious text to his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins the day after Odin Lloyd’s body was found in which he referenced a “box” behind the screen in their movie room.

According to court documents, Hernandez allegedly texted his fiancée, whose sister Odin Lloyd was dating, that allegedly read:

“Go back in back of the screen in movie room when u (sic) get home an (sic) there is a box…jus (sic) in case u (sic) were looking for it!!! Member (sic) how you ruined the big tv Imao WAS JUST THINKIN bout that lol wink wink love u TTYL….K”

“TTYL” usually stands for “talk to you later,” and, according to the court papers, Jenkins allegedly answered: 

“ok-that was awful…Perfect tv…Love u.”

According to court documents, “about an hour later, a home surveillance video shows Jenkins leaving the house carrying something ‘rigid’ and ‘consistent to a lock box or safe’ placed inside a garbage bag and covered with clothing.” Police noted that “Jenkins drove away and returned an hour later, but she was not carrying the ‘rigid’ item back into the house.”

Police did not find a lock box in Hernandez’s home. They have yet to locate the murder weapon. 

According to reports, police began to be suspicious of Shayanna Jenkins after speaking to her sister Shaneah Jenkins, who told police that Jenkins went into the movie room with a trash bag, had cell phone communications with Hernandez, and then reportedly borrowed her car on the day in question.

Jenkins’s uncle reportedly told police Hernandez wanted the weapons “discarded” into the woods.