12 Kids, 8 Baby Mamas, 1 Mad Wife

12 Kids, 8 Baby Mamas, 1 Mad Wife

Antonio Cromartie’s wife is upset. And it’s not because her husband has twelve kids with eight different women or that he can’t have any more with her because he underwent a vasectomy a few years back. It’s because the New York Jets released the former Pro Bowler rather than pay him $9.5 million next season, which really doesn’t go as far as you might think $9.5 million would given the prodigious brood requiring support. 

Terricka Cason tweeted out several good-riddance messages to the New York Jets yesterday. “But who y’all corners”? she queried the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. “Anyways like I was saying its funny how you can be so loyal to someone and they can be so disloyal to you,” she continued. “But I’m happy that i learned threw my husband that when someone slaps you on the face it’s possible to turn the other cheek.”

Yes, if Mr. Cromartie taught his wife anything, it’s restraint. “I got snipped,” he confessed last season. The admission followed an earlier attempt to recite the name of each of his kids on HBO’s Hard Knocks. It didn’t go so well.

“All that glitters really isn’t gold,” ex-fiancée Rhonda Patterson told the New York Post in 2010 when Cromartie had nine known kids. The former North Carolina beauty queen and current corporate lawyer admitted that the life of a discarded consort isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in the lifestyle that came with being engaged to someone in the NFL–first-class flights, shopping on Rodeo Drive, living in his Atlanta mansion. It made it easier to overlook the red flags.”

The former Jets cornerback signed a one-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. We hear Glendale is a great place to raise your family–or your families.