Would You Wait a Week Outside to Pay $250 for These Brown Air Jordans?

Would You Wait a Week Outside to Pay $250 for These Brown Air Jordans?

Wait in line for a week to watch Michael Jordan play basketball in 1985? Maybe. Wait in line for a week to to buy an updated version of his shoes from 1985? Seriously?

A group of young men in Royal Oak, Michigan weathered the elements outside Burn Rubber sneaker shop this past week for the arrival of Air Jordan 6 Retros. “He’s legendary, these will be legendary,” Jason Thurmand told CBS Detroit. The shoes arrived on the shelves at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Nearly three decades ago, the first Air Jordans went on sale for $65. Then NBA Commissioner David Stern increased the street value of the shoes by making headlines in fining MJ $5,000 every time he wore the high tops because they lacked white in the color scheme (Take note, Donald Sterling private investigators). Despite Jordan being removed from NBA hardwoods for more than a decade, the shoes that bear his name run more expensive than they did during his heyday. The go-fasters go fast at $250.

“Two unique Air Jordan 6 Retros pay a fitting tribute to the first of many with a unique ring lace toggle and a special graphic on the back heel to commemorate the six biggest victories of a storied career,” explains Nike. The shoes celebrating Jordan’s six NBA championships appropriately come in cigar brown and champagne green. Like baseball cards, basketball sneakers inspire collectors, which greatly influences the market.

For those without a week to wait in line or $250 for sneakers made to stay off the feet and in the box, JC Penny offers Chuck Taylor All-Stars starting at $29.99.