University of Missouri Clarifies Coach’s Handgun Ban: Prohibition Is Against ‘Illegal’ Weapons

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Breitbart News reported on University of Missouri head coach Barry Odom’s prohibition on handgun ownership among his football players.

Breitbart cited an August 31 tweet from the Montegomery Advertiser’s Matthew Stevens, which said, “Missouri head coach Barry Odom says his players are prohibited to legally own a handgun while they are a member of the Tigers football team.”

The next day, Stevens tweeted that a University of Missouri spokesman contacted him with “a statement clarifying” the handgun prohibition. According to Stevens, “a Missouri spokesperson [stated] ‘Our program’s policy does not prohibit players from legally owning guns.'” Rather, “If a player has a legal issue, and an illegal gun is involved as part of that legal issue, then the player is removed from the program.”

The spokesman said that if players want to go through legal channels to acquire guns, that is the player’s choice. However, the spokesman stressed that the players “also have to understand that the University has a policy that guns aren’t permitted on campus.”

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