ESPN Accused of Photoshopping Tiger Woods Latest DUI Mugshot

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Palm Beach County Sheriuff's office via AP

Golf pro Tiger Woods was in the news over the Memorial Day weekend with an arrest and mugshot that didn’t make him look very good. But, apparently ESPN was there to help out by photoshopping his booking photo so he didn’t look so disheveled.

When news broke that the four-time Masters winner had been arrested under suspicion of drunk driving, ESPN went to air with the mugshot released by the Jupiter, Florida, police, the Daily Mail noted.

But, the image ESPN aired was decidedly different than the actual mugshot released by Jupiter police officials.

ESPN’s version of the mugshot showed Woods with some nicely combed hair compared to the real one.

In the mugshot released by police, Woods’ hair is decidedly unkempt and frizzy. But, ESPN’s version gave the golfer a nicely combed mane.

Golfweek senior writer Geoff Shackelford thought the ESPN version was interesting, to say the least. Shackelford jumped to Twitter to say, “On a scale of 1 to Nick Nolte, I’d say this mug shot is an 8. Unless you are looking at the Photoshopped @SportsCenter version.”

Police found Woods asleep at the wheel and booked him under suspicion of driving drunk. It was later found that the golfer had no alcohol in his system but that he may have been under the influence of prescribed medications.

Internet wags also grabbed the famed golfer’s latest mugshot and turned it into the Web’s newest meme.

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