Sports Journalist Bill Simmons Takes Another Left Turn by Joining Vox

Bill Simmons
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Bill Simmons plans to move The Ringer to Vox from his current server Medium, joining SB Nation, the Verge and Recode.

The controversial liberal sports journalist should feel quite at home with his new destination. Vox, launched in April 2014, is a leftist news website run by Vox Media, co-founded by liberal columnists Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, and Matt Yglesias.

A recent survey run by Media Bias Fact Check showed that 93 percent of those polled consider Vox Media to have a left wing bias. Over 45 percent thought that the media outlet had an “extreme left” bias.

Simmons has been known to show up for an interview periodically on Recode “to explain that money is no f-ing problem.” The Big Lead reports, “Simmons will maintain ownership of the site, but Vox will sell ads and share revenue.”

According to the The New York Times, Simmons stated:

This partnership allows us to remain independent while leveraging two of the things that Vox Media is great at: sales and technology. We want to devote the next couple of years to creating quality content, innovating as much as we can, building our brand and growing The Ringer as a multimedia business.

Last year HBO canceled Simmons’ TV show while its first season was still in progress. His sports/lifestyle website and podcast network took off, said Simmons in early February. He stated at that time that it is already making money. He added that it employed a staff of 65 full-time employees. Simmons summed things up this way, “Fuck yeah, The one thing that’s not a problem for us is money.” 


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