Action Film Actor Steven Segal Slams ‘Disgusting’ NFL Protests, Shoots Down Claims that Russia Hacked 2016 Election

AP Alexander Zemlianichenko
AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianchenko

Action film actor Steven Seagal called NFL protesters “outrageous” on Wednesday, adding it is “disgusting” that these players are “holding the nation hostage” with their protests.

The Under Siege actor, who became a dual U.S. and Russian citizen last year, appeared on the U.K. TV series, Good Morning Britain on Wednesday where he was asked about the now pervasive NFL protests.

Seagal said he does not support the players and their protests.

“I believe in free speech. I believe that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t agree that they should hold the United States of America or the world hostage by taking a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football game and … imposing their political views,” Segal said.

He went on in no uncertain terms to slam the players.

“I think it’s outrageous,” he continued. “I think it’s a joke, it’s disgusting. I respect the American flag. I myself have risked my life countless times for the American flag, and I don’t understand or agree with this kind of behavior. I think it’s an outrage.”

Seagal was also asked what he thought of the claims that Russia “hacked” the 2016 election.

The actor scoffed at the whole idea saying, “For anyone to think that Vladimir Putin had anything to do with fixing the elections, or even that the Russians have that kind of technology, is stupid.” He then called the claims “astronomical propaganda” and a “diversion.”

The Above The Law star also slammed Democrats for trying to “overthrow Trump.”

Seagal claimed the country has “a ton of enemies within” and said he felt bad for the president for having to fight these enemies each and every day.

“We have these Democrats that have this whole other agenda to kind of — when I say Democrats it’s not just the Democrats — but there are this whole group of leftover Obama-ites and people that feel they should … overthrow Trump,” Seagal insisted.

The actor added, “any decisions he makes, anything that he tries to do, he gets blocked so often from the … enemies within, so it’s very difficult for him to do anything.”

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