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Virgil: Donald Trump, Rosie the Riveter, and the Revival of American Economic Nationalism

In his speech in Ypsilanti, Michigan, President Trump addressed what is arguably the most important economic-policy idea in U.S. history. In the years to come, the pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-profits alliance that Trump espoused in Ypsilanti will become permanently embedded in Republican thinking—and, quite possibly, Democratic thinking as well.


Volvo Trucks Laying Off Hundreds in February

Volvo Trucks North America has confirmed that it will be reducing production of several truck lines and will therefore be laying off 1 in 4 workers beginning in February of next year.


Donald Trump Distinguishes Himself from GOP Field on Trade

As Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls, a staple of Trump’s campaign rhetoric remains his emphasis on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States and confronting foreign competitors like China and Mexico over their unfair trading practices.

REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

New York Times Uses Discredited Report to Attack Auto Loan Industry

In a Saturday editorial board piece, The New York Times scolded the auto loan industry, proclaiming that its practices are a “bastion of predatory lending and racial discrimination.” And emulating its favorite leftist, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Times relies on a thoroughly discredited “study” that features the unsupported claim that auto loans cost Americans nearly “$26 billion” in unfair charges a year.


UAW Celebrates Membership Growth by Preparing to Strike in September

With the strike ban that was a pre-condition of the GM and Fiat Chrysler federal bailouts expiring, United Auto Workers (UAW) locals are collecting food and encouraging union members to save for a potential strike when the Big Three four-year labor agreement expires on September 14.

Dennis Williams, UAW (Bill Pugliano / Getty)

Auto Industry Suffers Record Year for Recalls

Thanks in part to a decades-old GM ignition switch problem in millions of vehicles, more older-model cars were recalled this year than ever before in history.