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Transgender, Business Try To Block Bathroom Privacy Ballot

A Washington State mom gathering ballot-certification signatures to regain sexual privacy for women in public bathrooms and showers, despite a wave of hate, workplace pressure and stigma from the entire progressive and pro-transgender establishment of Washington State.


NRA: Michael Bloomberg Resorts To ‘Buying’ Gun Control

Gun control initiatives pushed by Micheal Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety are on the ballot in four states this November. The NRA sees this as evidence that Bloomberg is simply buying the gun control Congress has repeatedly rejected.

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Ballot Measure Will Require Public Vote on Statewide Spending Projects

Activists enraged by California’s runaway spending have begun a campaign for the “Stop Blanks Check” ballot initiative. The measure, sure to make the ballot next November, thanks to $3 million in contributions and loans from wealthy Stockton-area formers and business owners Dean and Joan Cortopassi, aims to make sure that big-ticket multi-billion dollar spending projects have to be approved by the voters before they can move forward.

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