Nolte: Conformity Killed the Weekly Standard

Depending on which report you read, the death of the Weekly Standard is either imminent or a tad less imminent. Either way, the anti-Trump publication founded by Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes in 1995 appears to be in desperate need of a rich savior, and any attempt to find one has thus far failed.

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Why Toys R Us Can’t Win Anymore

Looked at through the lens of recent history, the story of Toys R Us resembles the plight of the American middle class.

Toys R Us

Puerto Rico’s Disaster Is Also Its Golden Opportunity

The media and the Democrats are deseperate to find a Hurricane Katrina in Puerto Rico, and to deny President Donald Trump’s capable and compassionate response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

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OC Ends 23-Year Bankruptcy as Illinois, Connecticut and Maine Default

As Orange County, Ca. was making its final bankruptcy bond payment to end its 23-year bankruptcy reorganization; Illinois, Connecticut, and Maine went into default shut-downs after failing to pass state budgets before the start of their July 1st fiscal years.

Detroit Bankruptcy

Bankrupt Puerto Rico Voting on U.S. Statehood

The 3.4 million U.S. citizens on the Caribbean island of Puerto Ricans will vote today, for the fifth time, on a non-binding referendum to become independent or to apply to be America’s 51st state, despite already declaring bankruptcy last month.

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Solar Energy Lobby’s Texas Goals Clouded by Bankruptcies

A leading solar power lobbying organization’s promises of growth in Texas continue to sit under a cloud of economic challenges. Amid cheap natural gas prices and established wind farms in much of the solar-friendly regions, solar panel arrays are proving a tough sell.

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Curse of Delingpole: World’s Biggest Green Energy Company Collapses

Did you short-sell your solar energy shares as I advised last week in my Breitbart piece “The Solar Industry is Dying: Good Riddance? If you’d picked SunEdison – the world’s largest green energy company – you would have made a killing as its

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Bankruptcy Contagion: Today, Puerto Rico… Tomorrow, Illinois

The financial situation in Puerto Rico is at the crisis point, leading to proposals for a massive bailout that would ostensibly stabilize the island’s economy and protect small investors… but would, in fact, be a tremendous giveaway to Wall Street interests.

A nun walks in front of a closed furniture store in Lares, Puerto Rico, on September 2, 2015.

VC Investors want Business Plan–and Funeral Plan

Venture capital investors love business plans that promise terrific upside, but they increasingly want a “funeral plan” in writing that explains what the entrepreneur can and will do if their start-up suffers from business problems or slow growth.

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50 Cent Calls AT&T ‘Racist’

Rapper 50 Cent called telecom giant AT&T “racist” in a series of Instagram posts over the weekend for threatening to pull premium cable channel Starz, and by extension, his television show Power, off of the network’s U-Verse service.

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50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy

Rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday.


Bloomberg: Colt ‘New York Financiers Borrowed Too Much,’ Spent Too Much

Colt Defense LLC is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a situation where the future could bring a Colt that looks little like its iconic predecessor—if any part of Colt remains at all. Bloomberg Business (BB) is reporting that the American legend’s current problems are the result of “New York Financiers” who “borrowed too much” and took too much as well.

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Colt Manufacturing Led Charge For Gun Control In 1990s, Now Bankrupt

Amid all the reports about Colt Defense, formally Colt Manufacturing, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, one thing has been missing–Ronald L. Stewart spent his time as Colt CEO (1996-1998) pushing gun control and suggesting overarching federal regulation over guns would be better than state-by-state variations in gun laws.

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Colt Firearms Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

On Sunday, Colt Defense LLC announced it is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and looking to sell operations, or portions of operations, in the U.S. and Canada to pay off $355 million in debts.

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Pensions Earthquake: San Bernardino Defaults–After Bankruptcy

San Bernardino, which owed almost $10 million on its pension bond debt ever since it declared bankruptcy in 2012, has defaulted, according to Reuters. Since September, the city has avoided dealing with the bondholders, who have been left out in the cold.

San Bernadino (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)