Declaration of Independence

‘All Men Are Created Equal:’ Prof Sues U. of Oregon for Blocking Him over Declaration of Independence Quote

A professor has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the University of Oregon after he was blocked on Twitter by university staffers for tweeting “all men are created equal” from the Declaration of Independence. The Institute for Free Speech said, “The First Amendment does not allow the government or its actors to ban individuals from public forums just because they disagree with the views those individuals express,” in a press release on the lawsuit.

Flint and declaration of independence lying on American flag

Abraham Lincoln at Cooper Union: ‘Right Makes Might’

This Saturday, February 28, was the 156th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address, which was delivered at Cooper Union, in New York City. It was the speech that launched Lincoln to the White House in the election of 1860; it was the speech that paved the path for a newly-formed Republican Party to take the White House for the first time, buoyed by its identification with the boldest and most unmistakeable principles.

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