Murder Charge Added Against DUI Suspect with ICE Immigration Hold

Murder charges have been added to those facing 29-year-old Esteysi Sanchez, the woman accused of killing Jack Ray Tenhulzen while driving with more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her bloodstream and continuing about a mile down the road with the man lodged in the passenger side of the vehicle before she left.

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Brutal Hit-and-Run DUI Suspect Faces Immigration Hold

SAN DIEGO — 29-Year-old Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga pled not guilty on Wednesday to felony charges relating to the brutal hit-and-run death of a 69-year-old man who authorities say was struck by Sanchez’s car and hurled through her windshield early Monday morning in Oceanside, California.

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Allegedly Drunk Teacher Hits Kids with Car in S.F.

On Thursday, only a day after an allegedly drunk teacher and former debutante smashed into two 12-year-olds walking to school, sending them to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, the city of San Francisco finally decided to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Kirsten Andereck (SFPD / San Francisco Chronicle)