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Listen: West Virginia Teacher Threatens to ‘Backhand’ 7-Year-Old Student

A teacher in West Virginia was recorded in October threatening to attack a 7-year-old special education student. A mother sent a recording device to school after she became suspicious of her child’s reaction to going to school, catching on tape a teacher’s threat to “backhand” a student.

Girl eating a candy cane

Nebraska Principal Bans Candy Canes, Says ‘J’ Shape Signifies Jesus

The principal of an elementary school in Elkhorn, Nebraska banned teachers from using candy canes in the classroom because they are in the shape of a “J,” which she believes stands for Jesus. She has been since placed on leave by the school district.

Craig Ranch Playground during protest

California School Bans Tag, Says Game ‘Too Rough’

Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom, California has banned the game of tag. Principle David Frankel sent a note home to parents saying, “Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.”


Love Note Results in 9-Year-Old in Trouble for Sexual Harassment

According to KDVR, a Florida mother is upset with school administrators after they threatened to file sexual harassment charges against her nine-year-old son for writing a love note to a schoolmate. The fourth grader’s mom, who will remain anonymous, said her son