European Leaders Snub Davos, Despite Focus on Populism

The leaders of some of the European Union’s largest countries and institutions will be giving the elite gathering at Davos a miss next week, despite the timely issue of populism being high on the agenda.


May: Trump’s Victory Proves We Must Tackle Immigration

Donald Trump’s shock victory in the presidential race shows that Britain must make globalisation work for “overlooked” communities which have irrevocably been transformed by immigration without the “permission” of British voters, the prime minister is set to say.


Journalists Harassed at Secretive Bilderberg Conference

Several journalists were harassed by German police as they attempted to cover the notoriously secretive Bilderberg conference being held this year in Dresden. The Bilderberg conference invokes strong reaction among some for its commitment to holding meetings among the most


FT: The Revenge Of Globalisation’s Losers

From the Financial Times: Globalisation is failing in advanced western countries, where a process once hailed for delivering universal benefit now faces a political backlash. Why? The establishment view, in Europe at least, is that states have neglected to forge