Former DOJ Official Gene Hamilton: DOJ Is ‘Flagrantly’ Violating Justice Manual with Timing of Trump Indictments, Trials

Former Department of Justice (DOJ) official Gene Hamilton, the vice president and general counsel of America First Legal, said Friday that the DOJ is “flagrantly” violating the “Impermissible Considerations” clause of its own “Justice Manual” with the timing of federal indictments brought against former President Donald Trump and subsequent trial dates set in the middle of the Republican primary season.

MAQUOKETA, IOWA - SEPTEMBER 20: 2024 Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Pre

After First Indictments, Still No Evidence of Trump Collusion with Russia

Special Counsel Robert Mueller unveiled the first charges in his investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election on Monday. But after two indictments and a guilty plea, there is still no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, as Democrats and their media allies have hoped for months.

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US Judge Unseals Drug Trafficking Indictments of Former Top Venezuelan Officials

It’s an understatement to describe the relationship between the US and Venezuela as strained. The two countries have a history of expelling each other’s diplomats after spats over petroleum, democracy, and human rights. However, that tension was taken to a new level recently when US judges quietly unsealed indictments charging two former top Venezuelan police officials with drug trafficking.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro with Hugo Chavez