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Islamic Fundamentalism

Hezbollah Vows Revenge for the Death of Samir Kuntar

Hezbollah leaders vowed revenge against Israel on Monday for the death of Samir Kuntar (pictured) on Saturday night in an airstrike attributed to the Israeli Air Force. “The Israeli enemy will regret the assassination of Samir Kuntar,” said the head

child-murderer Kuntar

Malaysia Arrests 12 Men for Ties to ISIS, Bringing Total to 104

Malaysian police arrested twelve men with links to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) who plotted to attack government buildings and people in Kuala Lumpur. The twelve men bring the total number of people arrested in Malaysia connected to ISIS to 104.


Florida College Suspends Student for Exposing Their Radical Islamic Support

A couple of weeks back, Project Veritas released an undercover video they shot at Cornell University in upstate New York, where one the assistant deans of students agreed with the undercover operative that it would be acceptable to have an ISIS “freedom fighter” address the student body, as well as agreeing that sending care packages to the terrorist organization was also aboveboard at the school.

alesh houdek/Flickr