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Exclusive: Country Star John Rich’s New Song ‘Revelation’ Finds Inspiration in New Testament — ‘The King Is Coming Back Again’

Famed country music singer-songwriter John Rich has released a new song “Revelation” — and it’s unlike anything he’s written in his celebrated three-decade career. “Revelation” takes passages directly from the final book of the New Testament — specifically, the prophecies of Saint John — and sets them to a revivalist-inspired country melody that serves both a warning and a celebration. The second coming of Jesus Christ may not happen in Nashville, but if it did, this could serve as the soundtrack.


Exclusive: John Rich Releases ‘The Man,’ Anthem Honoring Veterans — ‘Too Many of Our Young People Think Freedom Is Inherited and Not Earned’

Renowned country music singer-songwriter John Rich has marked Veterans Day this year by releasing a new version of “The Man,” his unabashedly patriotic song honoring military veterans, especially the “Greatest Generation” of World War II service members. Breitbart caught up with the Nashville hitmaker, who was eager to explain his family connection to the military. He also cautioned younger generations against taking our country and its freedom for granted.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - MARCH 27: Country artist John Rich performs at Redneck Riviera Nash

Exclusive — John Rich Releases Album ‘The Country Truth’: ‘We the People Are Vastly More Powerful than the Corporate Music Entities’

Country music singer-songwriter John Rich has amassed a growing number of hit singles “End of the World” and “Shut Up About Politics” that give voice to the forgotten people of middle America while taking to task leftist political elites and their woke agenda. With his new album The Country Truth, available Friday, he is once again tapping into the populist groundswell that has re-energized country music, sending an unambiguous message to the corporate music industry that the people, not the elites, hold true power.

GEORGE, WA - AUGUST 04: Singer John Rich of Big and Rich performs at Watershed Festival at

Tom MacDonald, John Rich Anti-Establishment Single ‘End of the World’ Beats Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to No. 1 iTunes Spot

You don’t come across that many country-rap collaborations in the music world. For one, the two genres don’t seem to share much audience overlap. But sometimes a cross-pollination yields an unqualified hit. Such is the case with the new single “End the World,” a collaboration between indie rapper Tom MacDonald and country music artist John Rich.


Country Star John Rich: ‘Threat of Cancellation,’ ‘Step Deeper Than’ Cancel Culture, Silencing Conservative Country Music Artists

Country music star John Rich of Big & Rich told Breitbart News this weekend that the “very liberal” majority of those in the country music industry have become “emboldened” in recent months to push woke leftist ideology publicly in contravention of the views of the majority of the country music audience. Rich said that the mere “threat of cancellation” keeps conservative-leaning artists from speaking out, arguing that it is actually a “step deeper than” cancel culture–ultimately creating a divide between the country music industry and the country music audience.

John Rich of Big & Rich performs during Country Thunder Music Festival Arizona - Day 3 on