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Coulter: Media Pot Reporting–Just Don’t Call Us Uncool!

The evidence that pot, and pot alone, triples your chances of developing a psychosis is overwhelming. Berenson cites hundreds of studies showing a direct link between cannabis use and psychoses like schizophrenia. 


Update: Jim Carrey Fires Back in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Jim Carrey was sued Monday for wrongful death by the family of his late girlfriend Cathriona White, with the woman’s estranged husband claiming the actor illegally obtained and provided the prescription medications that led to her death in 2014.


Report: Prince Died of Drug Overdose

The late pop icon Prince died of a drug overdose, an anonymous law enforcement source told the Associated Press on Thursday.

Prince Close upd

Ted Cruz Shares Moving Family Story of Sister’s Addiction At GOP Debate

In a moving moment at Saturday night’s ABC News presidential debate, candidate Sen. Ted Cruz shared the story of his half-sister’s battle with drug addiction in the context of the overarching problem of addiction in the United States. Moderator David Muir referenced