Two Men Find Plane’s Black Box 31 Years After Crash

Two men from Boston who set out on a journey to find the wreckage of a plane that crashed 31 years ago have recovered the black box and recently got clearance to hand it over to investigators.

Upside-down Cessna (Bob MacInnes : Flickr : CC : Flipped)

Man Lands Plane Upside-Down Near San Diego

Crisis was averted on Tuesday when a pilot escaped unharmed from the plane he crashed upside down on a Montgomery Field runway in San Diego.

The Associated Press

Fire Engulfs British Airways Plane on Las Vegas Runway

Billowing black smoke and red-orange flames poured from a British Airways plane in Las Vegas that 172 people rushed to evacuate Tuesday afternoon. McCarran Airport posted details stating that the Clark County Fire Department and airport received a first call

A-1 Skyraider (Clemens Vasters / Wikimedia Commons)

Secret Korean War Plane Wreckage Revealed

San Diego residents found the wreckage of a Korean War-era fighter plane about a year ago and are just now revealing the details of their find and research to the public.