rare earth minerals

Report: China Destroying Myanmar with Rare Earth Mining for ‘Green’ Energy

Chinese-owned companies in Myanmar are allegedly responsible for illegal mining operations that are destroying the natural landscape of Myanmar’s border region with China, local miners of dysprosium and terbium — two heavy rare earth minerals used in clean energy products and smart electronics — told the organization Global Witness for a report published on Tuesday.

A depiction of a rare earth mining operation in Myanmar. (AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin)

Australia Challenges China’s Stranglehold on Rare Earths, Critical for ‘Green’ Energy

Australian mining company Arafura Resources said on Wednesday that an enormous deposit of rare earth minerals discovered in central Australia, developed with the aid of a $30 million grant from the federal government, could help to significantly weaken Communist China’s stranglehold on the rare-earths supply – a class of minerals vitally important to “green energy” projects around the world.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison looks on during a meeting with Quad members India

China: Poor Virus Handling Obstructs Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Two cobalt salt plants in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang halted production on December 10 in response to local Chinese coronavirus “flare-ups,” the Global Times reported Thursday, noting the labor suspensions threaten to cause a spike in the prices of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, which rely on cobalt as a key component.

This photo taken on November 29, 2021 shows a resident undergoing a nucleic acid test for