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Wages Jump to Highest Level Since 2009

The good news about the American economy got a whole lot better in January, as average hourly wages jumped by 2.9 percent, the biggest increase since 2009.

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POLLAK: ‘Help! My Obamacare Ate My Tax Cut!’

The average family of three will see their Obamacare premium increase by close to $800 in 2018. That will swallow about half of the average $1,600 tax cut middle-class families expect to receive from Republicans’ new tax reform.

Obamacare and Tax Cuts (Joe Raedle / Getty)

Cheap Gas Prices are Trickle-Down Tax Cut of $1500

Liberals should find a new respect for tax cuts, because cheaper gasoline prices are acting like a $1,500 “trickle-down” tax cut for every American household, goosing revenue at local restaurants, groceries, charities and retail stories.

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