Ron Maxwell: Hillary’s Totalitarian Moment

The dehumanization and objectification of political adversaries as preparation and justification for mass murder came into sharp focus as an effective weapon during the French Revolution. The specific insults morph to fit the circumstances and the times, but each insult is designed to have the same effect — to dehumanize and to objectify a group of people in opposition to the dominant group that has seized power and the legal mechanisms of the State.


North Korean Propaganda Film Becomes an Expose of Totalitarian Horrors

The truth has a way of slipping through even the most tightly clenched totalitarian fingers. Such was the case with Under the Sun, a documentary co-created by a Russian filmmaker and North Korea’s psychotic regime. It was supposed to depict a happy family living in the Worker’s Paradise, but it ended up exposing Pyongyang’s propaganda machine.

North Korean Propaganda Film Becomes an Expose of Totalitarian Horrors

Freedom Of Speech: The Key Battleground Of The Next Decade

The madness grows exponentially. Daily now, the totalitarian prescriptions of the enforcers of political correctness reach new heights of absurdity. The latest victim is the veteran golf commentator Peter Alliss, denounced by the Twitter rabble for “sexist” comments. His crime was to say

AP Photo/Valentina Petrova

For the Left, Totalitarianism Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Totalitarianism involves politicizing every corner of life, imbuing even the citizen’s choice of which fast-food chicken sandwich he consumes with political significance. People who would rather not make political statements with their lunch choices are nevertheless forced into the game defensively… because if they don’t play, and play to win, they’re going to wake up one morning and discover they have lost vital freedoms.