Pakistan: ‘Large Group of Terrorists’ Storm Border from Afghanistan, 16 Killed

The Pakistani military said on Wednesday that its border forces repelled an attack from a “large group of terrorists” from Afghanistan. The invaders attacked two Pakistani outposts in the Kalash valley using the “latest weapons,” which is how Pakistani officials often refer to the American equipment abandoned in Afghanistan during President Joe Biden’s disastrous 2021 withdrawal.

A humvee (HMMWV) vehicle is seen near the closed gates of Torkham border crossing between

World View: Hezbollah Backs Down from War with Israel

Hezbollah backs down from war with Israel; Clashes between Nusra front and Free Syrian Army spreading in Syria; Jundallah takes credit for massive mosque attack in Pakistan; Egypt’s military begins ‘wide military offensives’ in North Sinai; Greece clashes with eurogroup ‘No more bailout, no more troika!’; In Denmark you are now paid to take out a mortgage

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah