SDSU President Blockaded by Protesters for Protecting First Amendment

NBC San Diego
NBC San Diego

The president of San Diego State University was surrounded by protesters after he endorsed freedom of expression in light of controversy involving Muslim students.

His comments were in response to the reaction over posters put up around the San Diego State University campus accusing Muslim students of being terrorist sympathisers.

The posters were produced by the David Horowitz Center for Freedom and state that the named individuals “have allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists to perpetrate BDS and Jew Hatred on this campus.”

In an email sent to students, Hirshman stated that he and his office “strongly endorse our university policies protecting freedom of expression” and that “we raise these issues to strengthen our tradition of vibrant discourse about ideas and issues and encourage all member of our community to participate in these discussions.”

Leftist students responded to Hirshman’s statement by aggressively cornering the president as a means of protest. They claimed that his response to the incident “had not gone far enough by failing to condemn the posters.”


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