Lambikin Media Gives Their Hero Obama a Big Fat Pass

Isn’t this special? The leftist activist media boobs (LAMBS) are talking about how transparent President Barack Obama is by televising today’s “Made for TV HealthCare Event.” The media has doubled down on the charade by saying that Obama was fulfilling a “campaign promise of transparency.” What? Have the LAMBS not been paying attention for the last year? Transparency is happening now only because Democrats got their trash handed to ’em.

Let’s provide a little help to my friends in the media. I’ll make it simple. Obama and the Democrats have worked for the last year at shutting out Republicans. Closed-door meetings, only Democrats, only Democrats. Republicans weren’t invited and weren’t even told when and where the meetings would be held. There were no cameras in the meetings and we were not told much of what happened. I wrote about this last month.

Republicans proposed three bills last year and none of them even got out of Committee. They were never considered. The LAMBS ignore this fact and still smile as they call Republicans the party of no. They were told no by the Democrats three times. Is that what the LAMBS mean, by the party of no? Republicans kept hearing no. Said Obama of today’s meeting:


I don’t want to see this meeting turn into political theater.

That’s like the Executive Producer of the play on Broadway telling the actors to leave their scripts home and forget what they had learned for the last year and make up their own impromptu performance. Anybody think that’s going to happen? Me either.

As part of the President’s plan (oh—he finally has a plan of his own. For the past 13 months the President has been able to conveniently distance himself from the House and Senate versions whenever he wanted to because, you see, he didn’t actually have a plan) American citizens would still be forced to buy health insurance. If I’m a Republican in that meeting I cut through all the crap that we will see and tell the President that forcing Americans to buy anything is unconstitutional. Having taken the Oath of Office, I would not vote for an unconstitutional bill. You can talk all the details you want about what this “healthcare” plan is—-I would just say it’s unconstitutional, and that would be more than enough. Oh, along that vein, I would bring in a large “Made for TV” copy of the tenth amendment. You know the tenth amendment, dontcha?

tenth amendment

Right, that’s the one that says that if it aint specifically written in the Constitution you leave it to the states. That’s what Massachusetts did, they decided to come up with their own healthcare plan. States can do that. Feds cannot. Unconstitutional Strike Two.

One more word of advice to Republicans going to this meeting today, if Democrats want to change America to this degree, and make no doubt, this will change the entire fabric of our nation, tell them to propose a constitutional amendment. It’s been done before, try it again. We have 27 amendments to the U.S. constitution (counting the ten Bill of Rights), try to make it 28. See how America reacts to this as part of the Constitution itself and widen this debate. You wanna see transparency, we’ve got your transparency right here, take this 2,000 page bill (or whatever it is now) and take it to the people and see what they think of it. The Constitution itself is written on four pages of parchment. See what Americans think of adding 2,000 pages that nobody can understand to our Constitution.

Come on, Mr. President, if your bill is that great, America will be swooning over it, voting for it, and thanking you for it every step of the way. This is the hero moment you’ve been waiting for! Propose a change to the Constitution. You remember the Constitution, don’t you?


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