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Media Matters Shocked That Fox Reports On Presidential Primary


The SEIU and Soros-funded Media Matters for America is sounding the alarm: Fox News, they gush, has given a lot of airtime to Republican primary contenders.

The Republican presidential primary race isn’t news?

A serious question: is Fox supposed to ignore it? Is MMfA positing that Fox is deliberately excluding coverage of a Democrat primary due to bias? Can MMfA point to me who the Democrat primary candidates are since they suggest that Fox is not giving equal time? Can MMfA provide any clips of the Democratic primary debates?

What? They can’t? Why not?

Because there currently isn’t a primary for Democrats? Because Democrats have an unchallenged incumbent? Democrats have not held any primary debates?

So how can Fox be biased for reporting on the only presidential primary? Can MMfA answer that?

By the way, do you remember the outrage over at MMfA when, after President Obama was gifted free hours of airtime so that he could sell his nationalized health care plan, the Republicans were denied airtime to respond?

Maybe MMfA can write an article about that.


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