Media Matters Attacked Palin For Clothing Costs, Defend Michelle Obama

The Soros and SEIU-funded Media Matters is smarting over three losses these past two weeks. First there was the Simon Wiesenthal Center slamming Media Matters for America for its anti-Israel screeds, the second was Politico calling the propaganda site a “core institution” of the Democrat party, and the third was the Girls Scouts backing away from linking to the site in its brochures. Because of this stellar track record Media Matters decides to throw another noodle at the wall and reverse its position on “class warfare” by defending the $2k dresses (to say nothing of the shoes and handbags) worn by the First Lady:

Michelle Obama wears two-thousand dollar sundresses on her taxpayer-supported Hawaiian vacation. Do you think the media will report this the same way they reported Gingrich’s Tiffany credit line or Romney’s bet?

Not only will the media not report on this, but propaganda sites like Media Matters defend ityet they attacked Sarah Palin for slamming the wardrobe criticism and tried to justify it by saying that the other political candidates were subjected to the same level of scrutiny, which was a lie. noted the difference in treatment of Palin on the campaign trail:

… there does appear to be more attention paid to female candidates’ appearance, both Hillary Clinton (her blouses and pantsuits) during the primaries, and now Palin, as the second woman to run on a major-party ticket.

As a capitalist, I don’t have a problem with people who want to spend their wealth as they see fit (taxpayers do not purchase clothing for the president and their families). I do have a problem with the hypocrisy espoused by progressives when they attack Palin over her (RNC-provided) wardrobe cost, Gingrich over a private line of credit, Romney over a bet, or any other conservative who shows the slightest sign of monetary success. Their hypocrisy is the issue.

Progressives on Twitter, led by a man who is so paranoid that he thought the Verizon worker at his house was James O’Keefe sent by Andrew Breitbart, are desperately trying to move the goal posts to mask their hypocritical actions in criticizing Palin over her clothing and defending Michelle Obama for hers. They’re not against class warfare! Progressives are always against something when they themselves partake in it.


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