Mexico Soccer Ad Mocks Donald Trump, United States

A new ad from Mexican television station TV Azteca is being used to excite Mexican soccer fans for Mexico’s upcoming matchup with the United States Men’s National Team on October 10, turning GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s comments about Mexico against the United States.

The ad begins with the Jimi Hendrix version of “The Star Spangled Banner” playing with the American flag waving. The ad then moves on to Trump’s comments of Mexico “not sending their best,” and then cuts to highlights from the Mexican and U.S. teams playing each other, highlighting Mexico winning the Gold Cup in 2015.

“Our country is in serious trouble,” Trump says with images of Mexico scoring on the U.S. “We don’t have victories anymore.”

The ad concludes with Trump saying, “The American dream is dead,” twice, the final one with dramatic flair.

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