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2016 Presidential Race


Exclusive — Book Promises Look Inside Clinton HQ on Election Night: ‘Heated Shouting’ and ‘Smashing of Glass’

Promising “an inside account of election night at Clinton headquarters, where the sounds of ‘heated shouting’ and ‘smashing of glass’ emanated from the Clinton’s private rooms as their empire fell down around them,” a new book, Game of Thorns by New York Times bestselling author and presidential historian Doug Wead is due out from Hachette Book Group on February 28.

General Motors Buick cars are assembled at a car plant in Wuhan, China

Companies Ignoring Trump, Moving Jobs to Mexico

Despite President Donald Trump’s promise to stop companies from outsourcing production to Mexico by imposing a significant border tax on goods sold in America, some businesses ignore this threat.


Dannenfelser: Trump’s SCOTUS Finalists Would Defend Life

I’m proud to have made the pro-life case for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Now that he’s been sworn in, I’m eager to help him build a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade and wipe out the “abortion distortion” that has plagued judicial rulings for decades. So when it comes to filling Justice Scalia’s vacancy, it’s essential to assess how the various candidates on President Trump’s Supreme Court list measure up on that score.