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**Ebola Hearing Live Updates** CDC Director Dodges Question On Travel Ban Talks with White House

Thursday at noon the House of Representatives will question Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Thomas Frieden and other Obama Administration officials over the spread of Ebola in the United States. After three weeks of arrogant and ignorant happy talk mixed with stunning incompetence, these officials can expect tough questions from both sides of the aisle. Breitbart news will live blog the hearing here. 16 Oct 2014

Ebola Patient May Have Been Symptomatic When She Flew

Oct 16 (Reuters) - Frontier Airlines said six crew members were placed on paid leave for 21 days "out of an abundance of caution," after learning that a nurse who had treated an Ebola victim may have been symptomatic when she flew on the airline earlier this week. 16 Oct 2014

Protective Suits Not Perfect Prevention Against Ebola

The CDC and President Obama have assured the nation that the protective "moon suits" worn by medical personnel to prevent contracting Ebola are all hospitals need to keep the deadly virus at bay. But several nurses in Texas have contracted Ebola despite using these suits. So, what are the flaws in this system of protection? 16 Oct 2014

Ebola: Obama’s Latest Failure

On Wednesday, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed a second Dallas healthcare worker who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient to die in the United States, has also been infected. Unfortunately, that person is reported to have traveled by air since the time of exposure. 16 Oct 2014

Nurses: 'We've Been Ignored' by White House, CDC

On Wednesday, the executive director of a national nurses union blasted the Obama administration for ignoring the concerns of nurses who have been saying for weeks that their hospitals are not prepared to treat patients with Ebola. 15 Oct 2014

Obama: I 'Hugged and Kissed' Emory University Ebola Nurses

After a second nurse at the Texas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan contracted Ebola, President Barack Obama revealed on Wednesday that he hugged and kissed nurses at Emory University hospital who had treated an American missionary who contracted Ebola in Africa. 15 Oct 2014

Louisiana Tea Party Candidate Offers Three Positive Ads, Asks Supporters to Vote for Which One to Air

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana — Retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness, one of the two Republican candidates for U.S. Senate here against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), on Wednesday introduced three positive television ads for his supporters to vote on—and is asking the grassroots to decide which one he puts on the air for the final three weeks of the campaign. 15 Oct 2014

Ebola Patient Flew on Passenger Plane Day Before Diagnosis

After weeks of happy talking the American people with patronizing and arrogant reassurances, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now dealing with a potential nightmare scenario after it was revealed Wednesday that the day prior to being diagnosed, an Ebola patient flew on a passenger plane with 132 passengers. 15 Oct 2014

T Minus 20: What Are Democrats Really Up To?

With less than three weeks to go until the critical midterm elections, Republicans are becoming more enthusiastic as Democrats shift resources out of races long considered competitive. Late Tuesday, it was reported that the Senate Democrat campaign arm was no longer airing TV ads in Kentucky, giving at least a psychological boost to GOP hopes of retaking the Senate. The totemic focus on TV ad spending, though, may be missing the ongoing evolution of campaigns. It is possible that Senate Democrats are simply pursuing a different campaign strategy. One that may surprise a lot of people on November 4th. 15 Oct 2014

Hillary: Social Media Makes It Difficult to Run for Office

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton went shilling in San Francisco on Tuesday, thrilling a tech gathering by advocating for their importance in politics, pushing for net neutrality, and throwing a bone to her prospective 2016 candidacy by intoning that she hoped the United States would join “the ranks of those countries... which have overcome the hurdle to gender equality.” 15 Oct 2014


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