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Reuters/Pilar Olivares

More Calls For Using DDT to Control the Zika Epidemic

Zika is primarily a mosquito-borne virus that is very difficult to detect in most human carriers, currently impossible to cure, spreading very rapidly, and believed to increase the risk of birth defects when contracted by pregnant women.

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HuffPo: ‘Clinton Cash’ Revealed Hillary and Bill as ‘Money Predators’; Book Soon to be Used in Election

Now that Bernie Sanders has won New Hampshire handily, perhaps we should ask whether Hillary’s campaign may be repeating its self-destruction of eight years ago. In her concession speech last night she mounted an arcane attack on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and positioned herself implausibly as a champion to take on Wall Street. She is now debating the campaign on Bernie Sanders terms, not a good place to be. At times she wandered – talking about the firing of “LGBT people because of who they love” as part of a hodgepodge of constituencies she enumerated — from firefighters to hungry children. She seemed incoherent, subsuming every sort of “right” as a “human right.”

Associated Press

Federal Judge Orders State Dept. to Release More Clinton Emails

A notably irritated U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras is rejecting the State Department’s attempt to delay production of the remaining Hillary Clinton emails. Thursday found the judge ordering State to release four more batches of emails on February 13, 19, 26, and 29.

Reuters/Jason Reed

CBC’s Barbara Lee Refuses to Endorse Hillary

Before the Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), a prominent left-wing Congressional Black Caucus member, refused to endorse Clinton. Other prominent Congressional Black Caucus leaders like Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) have also not

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally February 10, 2016 in Clemson, South Carolina.

Donald Trump Win Upends Conventional Wisdom

Donald Trump’s landslide win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday writes a new chapter in the history of American presidential politics. The win also upsets a conventional wisdom that had settled over his campaign.