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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

‘Boycott Indiana': The Church Of the State Is the One True Faith

Religious liberty has become something believers have to beg for, on bent knee, hats in hand, while mumbling a stream of apologies about how they're not motivated by personal animosity toward anyone. Their adversaries are free to question their very humanity, dismissing matters of faith and conscience with a sneer.
AP Photo/Michael Johnson

Report: Immigrant Gang Arrests Decline

Arrests of violent gang members reached a high in 2012 but then plummeted by more than 25 percent the following year. That raises concerns about just how much of a priority for immigration enforcement international gangs are under the Obama administration’s policies.

The Geopolitics of Oil Go Round and Round

Many complicated factors contribute to the global price of a barrel of oil, but two of the leading components are supply and risk—and both have the potential to escalate in the days ahead.
Tim Cook, Apple Watch (Associated Press)

Apple CEO’s Hysteria About New Indiana Law

Rather than open season on gays, as one headline writer said about the Indiana law, there is a shrinking public space for holding a view on marriage that was held by President Obama and Hillary Clinton only a few years ago. Christians are merely asking for protection in holding and practicing those same beliefs. Tim Cook says no.

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