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Police Superintendent: Father of Slain Chicago 7-Year-Old ‘Arrested 45 Times’

On July 5, a prayer vigil was held for seven-year-old Amari Brown, who was gunned down while standing in the 1100 block of North Harding Street around midnight on July 3. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told CBS 6 the bullet that killed Brown “was meant for his father, a ranking gang member” who has been “arrested 45 times.”

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Drawing the Battle Lines for Religious Liberty and Same Sex Marriage

Kelly Shackelford’s debate with Evan Wolfson on Fox News Sunday highlights the battle lines for religious liberty in America now that the Supreme Court has grossly overstepped its authority by declaring gay marriage a constitutional right. This war will center on whether religious liberty extends to how you earn your living, get an education, and run a business.

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Ouch! Massive Obamacare Premium Increases Will Dominate 2016

Oregon Commissioner of Insurance Laura N. Cali has approved premium rate increases of 25 percent for the Moda Health Plan and 33 percent for LifeWise in 2016. Due to Obamacare’s radical plan design and high utilization costs, skyrocketing American healthcare costs are becoming the norm–and will be a top issue in 2016 elections.

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Reuters Channels Ann Coulter: Mass Immigration Will Kill the GOP

Diversity makes everything the same, and worse, brings it down to the lowest common denominator. While Reuters cheers the impending leftist monolith that will disenfranchise every conservative voter, Coulter and candidates like Donald Trump and Scott Walker who have sensible positions on immigration show Americans can exercise control over their country — in the narrow window they still have.

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Boehner Talks Immigration Reform In Ireland

According to the Irish Times report, Boehner also spoke about how Ireland’s leader, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, has often pressed him on the immigration matter. There are about 50,000 Irish immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, many having overstated their visas.

Training target of U.S. solar funding

The Best Renewable Energy Investment

If you live in the United States, vote, pay taxes, and get your electricity from a utility company, you’ve helped the solar power industry. You support the solar industry through a variety of tax and regulatory policies—voted in by politicians you elected—that favor it over other lower-cost forms of electricity generation.

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