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Abortion Clinic Poses as Spa

The abortion movement is going upscale: a new Maryland abortion clinic in Friendship Heights called Carafem attempts to make women who want an abortion feel like they’re attending a spa, with tea, robes, and plush furniture.

’Primary Driver Of U.S. Population Growth’ Could Soon Be Immigration

The Center for Immigration Studies reported late last year that since 2000, all net employment growth went to immigrants — with the number of non-working natives growing by 17 million. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that immigration will become the “primary driver of U.S. population growth” between 2027 and 2038.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Journalist who Unveiled Hillary Spy Network Draws Iran Contra Parallel

In what Breitbart Executive Chairman, Stephen K. Bannon, referred to as a “stunning” and “breath-taking” course of events, Jeff Gerth of Propublica came on Breitbart News Sunday to discuss his recent article detailing how an ex-Hillary Clinton aide crafted a secret spying network in the lead up to the Benghazi terror attack and corresponded with Clinton via her private email account.

The Deafening Silence of American Jewry in Defense of Israel

Hoping to revive the sagging spirits of America’s dwindling pro-Israel Jewish community, pro-Israel icon William Kristol tries to reassure Weekly Standard readers this week that Jimmy Carter issued anti-Israel threats similar to those now made by President Obama, only to see American Jews and Israel emerge stronger.

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