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New Hampshire Voting AP

New Hampshire’s Many Late-Deciders Shift GOP Rankings in Final Hours

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire primary will join the Iowa caucus in the history books and the Presidential nominating contest will take another dramatic turn. According to all recent polling, Donald Trump enjoys a bid lead in the Republican race, with 4-5 other candidates battling for place and show.

Center for Medical Progress Video Screenshot

Watch: National Abortion Federation Suggests ‘Group Purchasing Program’ Would Be ‘Win-Win’ in Sale of Baby Body Parts

A new Center for Medical Progress (CMP) video featuring previously unreleased footage of representatives from the National Abortion Federation (NAF) – the major trade group of abortion providers – shows the Planned Parenthood ally suggesting a “group purchasing program” to supply fetal tissue from aborted babies to buyers and encouraging them to exhibit at its annual meeting.

Jeff Sessions

EXCLUSIVE– Donald J. Trump First Candidate to Reply to the ‘Sessions Test’

On February 5th, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Sen. Jeff Sessions issued a list of five questions that all candidates must answer if they wish to seek the Republican nomination. In recent years, Sessions has emerged as the intellectual thought leader of the nation-state conservative movement. Sessions has articulated how mass immigration combined with reckless trade deals is compressing wages and decimating America’s middle class.