A Week of Announcements Begins Early: Dr. Carson’s In

Ben Carson arrives to speak during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015.

DETROIT, Michigan — A city that’s trying to raise itself back up after severe economic downturn will serve as the backdrop for the launching of the presidential campaign Dr. Ben Carson, a man who’s already personally pulled himself out of poverty into a life of success.

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The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Shoot At People Who Draw Cartoons Of the Prophet Of Islam

There are no qualifiers necessary here, no “nuance,” no shades of grey, no weak-kneed dissertations on whether drawing a cartoon of Mohammed is rude. The right of Americans to draw those pictures, and be protected from violent reprisals, is absolute. If you’re not ready to stand up and be counted, then America doesn’t need you right now. Sit quietly and await further instructions from those who demand your submission.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton Cash Uranium Deal Approved by Foreign Investment Committee 52 Days After Shareholders Finalized Takeover

The speedy approval of the ARMZ-Uranium One transaction (CFIUS Case No. 10-40) raises the possibility that the deal may have received expedited treatment, though the management of Canadian based Uranium One stated in a Management Information Circular/Notice to Shareholders published August 6, 2010 and dated August 3, 2010 that “Uranium One and ARMZ intend to submit a joint voluntary notice with CFIUS during the first week of August 2010.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Poll Numbers Trending Worse than Obama’s

Polls show that just 18 percent of Americans say they are very excited about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. Almost twice that number, 34 percent, say they are angry or disappointed that she’s running.


Now-Suspended Twitter Account Applauded Garland Attack

Soon after the apparent terrorist attack on Pam Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” art contest in Garland, Texas – which left one police officer wounded, and the two suspected terrorists dead – a now-suspended Twitter account under the user name @AbuHussainAlBritani posted several Tweets supportive of the shooting.

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