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50 Shades of Bernie Sanders: Politics as Character

We get the converse of the politics-as-character sham when conservatives and Republicans are treated as “anti-woman” because they have qualms about abortion or socialized contraceptive distribution, or “hateful” if they’re not on board with the latest billion-dollar boondoggle.

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Powerful Leftist Group Sues to Close Jewish Counseling Service for Gays

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Arthur Goldberg and JONAH. They could be on the hook for an amount of money they can never pay off, and in that way, SPLC has already won simply by bringing the suit. The prospect of lengthy and very expensive litigation is enough to scare some out of the practice altogether.

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Debt + Lotteries = Social Decline

When asked how he planned to finance his retirement, a wag once responded he would rely on three sources – Social Security, law suits and the lottery. His answer was an expression of hope over experience. While it was bittersweet, his answer also reflected a cultural shift – a growing dependency and a belief that riches can come with no effort.


Q1 GDP Revised Down to Negative Growth; Old Man Winter Blamed Once Again

Another way to interpret this perpetual excuse-making about cold winters and unpredictable variables is that Obama’s central-planning gurus didn’t leave the free-market economy with enough strength and freedom of action to deal with setbacks. The crushing burden of carrying our insanely expensive, corrupt, incompetent central government leaves businesses with insufficient capital and limited options to either exploit opportunity, or prepare for reversals.

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Legal Expert On Whether Donations to Clinton Foundation Are Bribes: If It ‘Quacks Like a Duck, Chances Are It Is a Duck’

Should either the FBI or the Department of Justice, under recently confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynch, fail to launch an investigation of this transaction, both will be vulnerable to charges that a double standard of selective investigation and prosecution exists. If you’re Hillary Clinton and engage in questionable behavior, you get a free pass. If you’re someone else—say, a conservative or an opponent of President Obama’s foreign policy, such as Senator Robert Mendez (D-NJ)– you will be investigated and prosecuted.

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