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Obama Bails Out Florida Legislature

The federal government has just bailed out Florida’s embattled legislature by giving them more Low Income Pool (LIP) dollars to pay for health care, essentially giving them the funds they need to come to a state budget agreement in the upcoming special session.

Marco Rubio

IBD: Marco Rubio Buys a Fridge

From Investors Business Daily: Much is being made of Marco Rubio’s tight personal finances, including his purchase of $3,000 home refrigerator. But all they’re doing is showing how ordinary the candidate is and how little he has to do with

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US News: Hillary Can Run But She Can’t Hide

A person could use up an awful lot of bandwidth cataloging all the things former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has to overcome on her way to the Democratic presidential nomination and a four-year term of her own in the White House. One could argue that her potential stumbling blocks are even more severe than most her husband had to surmount on his way to the Oval Office back in 1992.

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Gallup: Social Liberalism On The Rise

A left turn? The percentage of American who say they are socially liberal is equal to the percentage who identify as socially conservative for the first time since Gallup began asking Americans to describe their social views in 1999.

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