Arkansas Follows Indiana, Approves Religious Liberty Bill

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Despite the criticism surrounding Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s religious liberty law, lawmakers in Arkansas just passed a similar bill. On the other hand, lawmakers in both North Carolina and Georgia are on the defensive about their own pending religious liberty legislation. The Post reported that a similar measure in North Carolina would “make no sense,” according to Gov. Pat McCrory who made the statement during a radio interview and added he would not sign any such legislation.

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Liberty Is On Defense, and Religious Liberty Is In the Red Zone

Faith is officially regarded as trivial now, a hobby to be practiced quietly in whatever private spaces the State chooses to permit. The case against the RFRA boils down to telling religious people they must set aside their faith if they want to do business, because the State has an interest in every transaction, no matter how small, and there are no valid objections to its moral judgment.
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Ted Cruz To Iowa, South Carolina

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will be visiting Iowa and South Carolina this week, for a series of receptions and town halls as he seeks to connect with Republican primary voters in these critical early primary states.
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The Imperial Bureaucracy Has No Use For Accountability

The really dangerous development of the administrative state is that bureaucrats no longer fear the wrath of our elected representatives, many of whom are so interested in making the State bigger and richer that they'll no longer countenance even token attempts at holding it responsible for its actions, because that would empower the people who want to make it smaller.

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