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Colonel Bob Starr LGBT Issue

West Texas Conservatives Endorse Gay Rights Activist for Congress

Questions were raised at a candidate forum in Lubbock, Texas, about West Texas conservatives lining up behind a GOP candidate for Congress who actively supports, promotes, and participates in gay pride events. The candidate, Colonel Bob Starr, can be seen in a number of photos wearing gay pride clothing, throwing his arms in the air as a champion in gay pride runs, and even wearing a rainbow painted gay pride shirt.

Marco Rubio (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

Rubio Goes ‘The Full Marco’ on Sunday Shows Ahead of South Carolina

After his disappointing performance in Iowa and his dismal showing in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio seems eager to resurrect his campaign by hitting all five Sunday shows this weekend.

However, this is not the first time Rubio has appeared on all five Sunday shows in one day. In 2013, when Rubio was pushing his Obama-endorsed amnesty bill through the Senate, Rubio did all five shows plus Univision and Telemundo— prompting the press to dub his media tour “The Full Marco”.


EXCLUSIVE: CBS News GOP Debate Ticket Breakdown

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — GOP presidential candidates received the largest ticket allocation from the Republican National Committee (RNC) ahead of the GOP primary debate on Saturday night at Greenville’s Peace Center.

Donald Trump

Message Matters: Trump Succeeded, Yellen Failed

Most political reporters are fixated on the presidential horserace rather than the message candidates are sending to voters. Message wins all the time. Message moves polls. Message raises money. Message determines elections.