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Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop/Facebook

Comcast, Facebook Refuse to Run Ads for ‘Family Night’ at Gun Range

When Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop reached out to Comcast to run commercials for “family night” at their gun range, they were told they could only run the commercials if they did not use the word “gun” and if they removed the phrase “family night.” At the same time, Facebook informed Chris Williamson—owner of Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop—that they would not let him put up posts on the “family night” event because his business sells guns.


Economics 101- What Recovery?

When you lose over a million manufacturing jobs, but replace them with waiter/bartender jobs what do you get? Answer: Politicians trying to claim we are in a recovery.

(Photo: Williamson County Sheriff's Office)

IRS Agent Charged With Sexual Battery During Audit

A 36-year old Internal Revenue Service agent is facing charges of sexual battery by an authority figure. The Tennessean reports that Samuel Garza, an IRS agent, was arrested by the Williamson County Sheriff’s (Tennessee) Office on Thursday “after authorities say he sexually assaulted a woman while he was performing an audit on a Fairview, Tennessee business.”

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Wisconsin Dems Want Insurance Companies Monitored on Premium Hike

Two Wisconsin Democrats are proposing a bill that would force insurance companies to give consumers 60 days’ notice before a rate increase could be implemented and also force the state Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to hold public hearings if the companies wanted to raise rates over 10%.

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Study Counts 3 Trillion Trees on Earth

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 3 trillion trees now grow on Earth, seven times more than scientists previously thought. But it’s also trillions fewer than there used to be, a new study concludes.

Top-Polling GOP Candidates Participate In First Republican Presidential Debate

Jeb! Has a Likability Problem

While certain segments of the Republican political establishment may see Jeb Bush as an obvious candidate for President, the majority of the voting public seems to have moved on. Bush’s current struggles in the polls aren’t simply a factor of the Trump phenomenon, but the inevitable result of the voters simply not liking Bush that much.

AP Photo/Doug Mills

Protect America By Preserving Patent System

The ability to secure and protect a patent allows innovators the tools they need to deliver groundbreaking innovations that change the way we live and strengthen our standing in the world. It is vital that we continue to protect a patent system that has served our nation extraordinarily well since our founding. In fact, we must never forget that the only “right” actually conferred in the body of the U.S. Constitution is the “exclusive Right … of Authors and Inventors … to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

Kimberly Davis Carter County Detention Center

#StandWithKim Davis

As of Friday morning, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis sits in jail for her refusal to hand out state licenses for same-sex marriages. She cited her First Amendment religious liberty in her defense. She was arrested after being held in

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Black Panther and Ferguson Protester Get Prison in Bomb Plot Conspiracy

A New Black Panther Party member and another Ferguson protester both received 84 months in prison for “planning and conspiring to ignite explosive devices during the Ferguson protests and procuring firearms for convicted felons,” according to the FBI. The Ferguson protests were largely pushed by protesters and organizers identifying as #BlackLivesMatter, according to The Guardian. The riots and protests occurred in response to the false claims that an innocent black man had his hands up and was shot by a white police officer. Black Lives Matter has come to represent the wider #BlackLivesMatter movement, no longer solely representing the specific Black Lives Matter group that was founded in California.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton: ‘I Was Not Thinking a Lot’ When I Became Secretary of State

With a long line of debunked lies, shredded excuses, and abandoned spin attempts behind her, Hillary Clinton finally decided it was time to “apologize” for her email scandal. Of course, her idea of an “apology” basically amounts to: I’m sorry you Little People are too stupid to understand what I was up against, as a historic female Secretary of State.

Muslim mayor migrants

Tancredo: European Colonization, Not Refugee Resettlement

Why are the more than one million Muslim refugees so anxious to get to northern Europe and not, say, Saudi Arabia or Egypt? Why are we obligated to help them get to Amsterdam, Oslo and London? And why in the world is the United States government planning to take 66,000 Syrian refugees? The United States should follow Hungary and just say no. We do not need another 66,000 Muslim migrants added to the over one million Muslims residing here now.

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