Who’s In? Carson, Fiorina Join GOP Field

Ben Carson announces his run for president in Detroit on May 4.

Dr. Ben Carson rolled out his White House bid in front of a fired up capacity crowd at the Detroit Music Hall for the Performing Arts. About a thousand supporters crammed into the downtown venue, and as they waited for the event to start, they cheered loudly yelling: “Run Ben Run! Run Ben Run!”

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Big Government

Carly Fiorina speaks at the Iowa Faith & Freedom event in Waukee, Iowa.

Carly Fiorina: Rising to the Challenge

For those who might be inclined to accept the mainstream media’s quick dismissal of Fiorina as a long-shot, her book demonstrates that she has the conservative grounding of Sarah Palin combined with the gravitas of Margaret Thatcher. That may prove to be a winning combination.

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The Pope and Climate Change

Perhaps you missed the Vatican-sponsored international symposium on climate change held in Rome on April 28. It was a busy news day. The horrific earthquake killed thousands in Nepal and riots broke out in Baltimore.


Media Slam ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event

These same media members decrying the horrors of Muhammad cartoons–completely ignoring that the point of drawing Muhammad cartoons is to mock those who kill those who draw Muhammad cartoons–were perfectly happy to use the power of government to target every business owner who refuses to service a same-sex wedding.

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