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Jonathan Gruber in 2013: States Without Exchanges Will Cost Residents

Most observers of the legal battle over Obamacare's subsidies are now familiar with the two clips (one video and one audio) in which economist Jonathan Gruber takes the plaintiff's side, saying only states which set up an exchange will receive subsidies. But a third example of Gruber saying much the same thing has, so far, received very little attention.
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Obama, Tech CEOs Discuss Amnesty, More Guest-Worker Visas

On Monday, President Barack Obama met with members of the Technology CEO Council to discuss comprehensive amnesty legislation, which high-tech executives want in order to secure massive increases in guest-worker visas. According to the White House, Obama met with CEOs

On Eve of Speech, Obama Smears Netanyahu

President Barack Obama took a stab at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Reuters on Monday, on the eve of Netanyahu's controversial speech to a special joint session of Congress on Tuesday morning. Obama said that Netanyahu "made all sorts of claims" about the interim nuclear deal with Iran that turned out to be untrue. Yet Obama mischaracterized Netanyahu's remarks, and misrepresented Iranian compliance with the terms of the interim deal.

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