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Jeb Bush

Politico: Schweizer Investigating Jeb Bush Finances

POLITICO: The author raising questions about whether Hillary Clinton gave special treatment to foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state is looking into the finances of another 2016 presidential hopeful: Republican Jeb Bush.
White House Photo / Pete Souza

Clinton, Obama Renew Their Primary Fight

The long detente between President Obama and the Clintons is coming to an end. Obama's policies are far more unpopular than he is. A recent Pew Poll found that two-thirds of Americans want the next President to reverse Obama's agenda. Any Democrat even tacitly acknowledging this fact will spark sniping responses from the Obama world. This is perhaps even more true for Clinton.
Ted Cruz

Republican Jewish Coalition Ready to Fight in 2016

LAS VEGAS --The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) wrapped up its spring meeting in this weekend on an enthusiastic note. Several presidential contenders, declared and potential, addressed the meeting in on-the-record sessions. Former President George W. Bush addressed the gala dinner Saturday, in a rare (and off the record) public appearance.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

WaPo Columnist: No Need To Fear Jeb

Jeb Bush jolted his prospective rivals for the Republican presidential nomination last winter when he dived with unexpected aggressiveness into the 2016 campaign. Few of them seem to be quaking now.
AP Photo/Toby Talbot

ACLU Fights Democrat Vaccine Mandate Bill in California

Moms fighting vaccine mandate bill SB277 in the California legislature may have found an ally with the state’s branch of the ACLU given that both question its constitutionality. Moms, some with children, journeyed again to Sacramento on Wednesday to protest the bill

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