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Conservatives Push Bloc Voting to Influence Speaker of the House Decision

Conservatives in the House of Representatives believe a bloc vote will help influence who will be the next Speaker of the House, so members of the House Freedom Caucus will meet Wednesday afternoon to debate which member – Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Daniel Webster, or Rep. Jason Chaffetz – they should support for Speaker.


Obama: Pacific Trade Deal ‘Most Progressive’ Deal Ever

But President Obama acknowledges that certain economic trends would continue in spite of the deal, including lower wages for American workers and currency manipulation. He also admitted that currency manipulation rules wouldn’t be enforceable under the deal, even though labor standards and environmental standards would be enforceable.

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Senate Republicans Move To Target Sanctuary Cities

The legislation, introduced by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), would restrict federal funds and grants to jurisdictions that serve as sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The bill would also establish a mandatory sentence of five years for illegal immigrants convicted of re-entering the U.S. after being convicted of an aggravated felony or of illegally re-entering the U.S. twice.


How Conservatives Can Defeat The Chambercrats’ $100 Million

A recent article chronicled the plan by the “Chambercrats” at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to spend $100 million to defeat “Tea Party” conservatives in the upcoming Republican primary elections. This “top down,” “let’s throw money at the problem” approach can be defeated, easily, by conservatives if they expend two resources they all possess: a little bit of time and a little bit of sweat equity.

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Marco Rubio Praises Obamatrade

In a CNBC interview with John Hardwood, Marco Rubio expressed his “very positive” view about Obamatrade. Neither Hardwood nor Rubio, however, mentioned Rubio’s pivotal role in helping to pass the agreement. Nor did Hardwood or Rubio mention that the Florida Senator even enshrined the passage of the President’s global economic integration plan as one of the three “pillars” of his foreign policy platform in both an April op-ed in The Wall Street Journal and a foreign policy address in May of this year.

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Global Warming’s Fake Nobel Claims Bite the Dust

At the end of September, Youngstown State University announced an upcoming November event with “Nobel Prize winner Michael Mann,” a Penn State professor and inventor of the infamous hockey (hokey?) stick graph. Michael Mann did not, in fact, win the Nobel Prize. Mann has, on multiple occasions, falsely claimed to be a Nobelist, including on the jacket of one of his books and in litigation with pundit Mark Steyn.


GOP Leaders Highlight Brutal Illegal Alien Criminals Shielded by Sanctuary Policies

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) argue that while DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson has said it is “not acceptable to have no policy of cooperation with immigration enforcement” the Obama administration has failed to take substantive action compelling such sanctuary jurisdictions to comply with federal immigration authorities.


Judge Rules Congress May View Abortion Videos

The National Abortion Federation can no longer prevent video footage taken by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress at NAF’s annual convention from being shown to federal lawmakers. The video is thought to show NAF members saying revealing and gruesome things about the buying and selling of aborted baby-parts.

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