NY ID Cards for Illegals a Smash Hit

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
A new ID card issued by the city of New York, called IDNYC, has drawn an unexpectedly huge response, as some New Yorkers who already have government-issued identification have joined enormous numbers of illegal immigrants, elderly residents, and even the homeless to clamor for such a card.

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Obama Praises Walmart CEO for Wage Hike

Barack Obama, pleased that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon raised the wages of his employees, called the CEO from Air Force One on Wednesday to praise the decision. Obama was en route to Miami, where a town hall meeting was scheduled to discuss immigration.
AP Photo/John Minchillo

Jewish Leaders Funding BDS

The scandal of it cannot be overstated: various Jewish leaders and philanthropists are prominent donors to The New Israel Fund, an organization which funds BDS and other anti-Israel initiatives.

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