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Carlos McKnight holds up a flag in support of gay marriage outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, June 26, 2015.

Supreme Court Denies Relief to Christian County Clerk—For Now

The Supreme Court is denying a Kentucky county clerk’s application to stay a lower court’s ruling that she must begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. While government officers have religious liberty rights, some question whether the stronger legal argument would be to claim a personal religious liberty right to object to same-sex marriage, but not to claim governmental authority to ban her deputies from issuing those licenses, either.

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Clinton Emails Exposed Classified Satellite Intel on North Korean Nukes

Hillary Clinton originated at least six emails containing classified information, contrary to her spin that she was just a helpless unwitting recipient of material others should be blamed for compromising. Many of the messages contained information that was “born classified” – indisputably classified at the time Hillary sent or received them, under a 2009 executive order signed by President Obama, contrary to Clinton’s repeated false claims that none of her emails included information that was marked classified at the time she handled it. Some of these emails had to be redacted in their entirety before they could be released to the public.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

PPP Slips Into Campaign Messaging

PPP – Public Policy Polling – is unique, however, in that they use their polling, and their perceived record of accuracy, to actively push a Democrat agenda. On Tuesday, PPP made its first effort to try to affect the GOP primary contest, rather than simply measuring its state of play. It ventured into the world of messaging by also asking voters whether or not they thought Barack Obama was a Muslim or if they believed he was born in the United States.

Iran Deal

One Weird Trick About How and Where Conservatives Should ‘Rally’ Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Why not, conservatives, “rally” against the Iran deal where you live? Instead of a single rally in D.C., why not have thousands and thousands of rallies where conservatives can become politically powerful by uniting, politically, “inside” the best political tool for ousting from office the current House and Senate members who will not follow the will of “we the people?”

Janet Yellen

Gold Standard More Popular than Federal Reserve For Good Reason

At the Jackson Hole Economic Summit the American Principles Project demonstrated that the people can’t be fooled in the long term by monetary magic forever. In a national poll by McLaughlin & McLaughlin 1,000 respondents were asked if they would support the Gold Standard in the United States. 39% replied yes, 15% replied no, and 46% were undecided. That is more than a 2:1 ratio for favorability.

These results and the margin between approve and disapprove are better than recent polls on the Federal Reserve or its recent leaders as shown in recent Gallup polls over the last two years: Negative on the Fed and its leaders are very high, while negatives on Gold are very low.

Gold AP

Jackson Hole Fed Summit: A Failing Long Term Fed Report Card

From its founding until the beginning of the 20th century, the United States went from a non-economy to being the world’s largest and wealthiest economy. It achieved this feat on the gold standard mostly, with no central bank, (except for 36 years), and with little or no central planning.

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WaPo: Get It On — Jeb Throws Down on Trump

Jeb Bush went on the offensive Tuesday against GOP presidential front-runner and frequent antagonist Donald Trump, releasing an attack video portraying the mogul as a closet liberal and signaling that he will attempt to bring Trump down in coming weeks.

Canada elections

Canada PM Harper’s Secret Weapon: Tom Mulcair

Canada likes to position itself as the social conscience of the north. Canadians enjoy telling themselves that though they are America’s neighbours (with a ‘u’), they are the good the neighbour, the compassionate, the better neighbour. Young Canucks like to sew a maple

Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer speaks during a CNN Debate on the Global Economy in Washington, DC, October 9, 2014, ahead of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank meetings. AFP PHOTO / Jim WATSON (Photo credit should read

Jackson Hole: Fed Dithers But Left & Right Agree on Improving Economy

Jackson Hole — This town in Wyoming just hosted three economic events: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual Jackson Hole retreat and two others to respond to the Fed’s mismanagement the economy: the Fed Up group, demonstrating against increasing interest rates, and the American Principles Project (APP).

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John Kasich Scolds Americans on Immigration: ‘Count Your Blessings’

GOP presidential hopeful and Ohio Gov. John Kasich scolded Americans who oppose unpopular, politically-engineered mass immigration policies, particularly birthright citizenship for illegal aliens’ anchor babies, telling radio host Laura Ingraham “frustrated” Americans should “count their blessings.”

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