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The Nuclear Option: With Another Snow Storm Nearly Upon Us, Let’s Reflect — on Evolution

It is such a high, blessed relief to finally get to the bottom of the most pressing issue here in this age of $17 trillion U.S. debt, barbaric animals burning humans alive in cages, the systematic rounding up, rape and mutilation of young girls around the world and all these inconvenient blizzards and bone-chilling winds blowing giant holes in our faith in the newly founded Church of Global Warming.
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Hillary Clinton’s Long History of Hiding Documents

It doesn’t matter. That’s what some in the media have insisted about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision to use her own private server and email address to avoid public scrutiny for her entire tenure. David Brock, wild-haired henchman
Young America's Foundation

Without M. Stanton Evans, There Is No CPAC: A Tribute

To steal a phrase from a former Reagan speechwriter, M. Stanton Evans -- the brain behind the first CPAC in the early 1970s and the American Conservative Union’s Chairman through the bumpy Nixon years -- this morning “slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God,” losing his long and courageous fight with pancreatic cancer.

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