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A new U.S. citizen holds an American flag during a naturalization ceremony in July. An Arizona law will require graduating high school seniors to pass the same civics test given to candidates for U.S. citizenship.

Obama Admin. Pushes To Create ‘Citizenship Foundation’ To Encourage Immigrants To Naturalize

Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security submitted a proposal to Congress calling for the creation of a “United States Citizenship Foundation.” The legislative proposal would grant the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to create such a foundation as a nonprofit corporation that would focus on promoting and encouraging U.S. citizenship among immigrants in the U.S.


An Immigration Policy For Hard-Working Americans

I have compassion, respect and admiration for people around the world who want to be Americans. It’s our job to make sure America will always be a place for those immigrants we accept will be able to aspire to freedom and opportunity. An immigration policy that prioritizes American’s needs, workers, and families is where that starts.

Prophet Cartoon Contest Shooting

Power, Principle and Freedom of Speech

Belief in a “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment is a perfect expression of power over principle, because the power to define and suppress “hate speech” would be enormous. We don’t have to imagine its dimensions, because every totalitarian regime in recent history claimed such powers.

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Not All Dead Babies Are Equal to Washington Post

Going back to the year 2011, the Alan Guttmacher Institute reported the number of women who became pregnant in the District of Columbia was 16,400. But there were only 9,348 live births that year. The discrepancy is explained by abortion.

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