EXCLUSIVE: Steve King Welcomes Ben Carson to Conservative Opportunity Society, Addresses Planned Parenthood


The Conservative Opportunity Society—founded in 1983 by Newt Gingrich and Vin Weber, among others—is a Republican members-only group that meets for breakfast every Wednesday morning when the U.S. House of Representatives is in session. Each week, Chairman Rep. Steve King (R-IA) brings in different prominent speakers to address the group—this week, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson will make an appearance.

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Center For Medical Progress

World Explodes over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, the world lost its collective mind – whatever is left of it, anyway – when media discovered the identity of the killer of a Zimbabwean named Cecil. Cecil is a lion. Cecil, a lion, was by most accounts “one of Africa’s most famous lions.” Cecil, incredibly, was famous for being a lion, not for curing cancer, although you wouldn’t know that by the media coverage.

Workers at a Planned Parenthood clinic hang a banner to announce the opening of the facility October 2, 2007 in Aurora, Illinois. The clinic, reported to be the largest Planned Parenthood clinic in the country, was scheduled to open last month but the opening was held up by last minute legal challenges.

Planned Parenthood Says Contract Proves No Profit from Selling Body Parts

Planned Parenthood is said to have produced documents that show the contract created by Biomax, the fictitious company created by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress, was resubmitted by Planned Parenthood to include lawyer language that Planned Parenthood does not generate a profit for the harvesting and sale of baby body parts, which is a criminal violation of federal law punishable by huge fines and jail time. Politico admits that the edited document contract by Planned Parenthood “could not be independently verified.”

Chuck Todd

Mother of Son Killed by Illegal: ‘Chuck Todd Does Not Belong on TV’

Last Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd claimed that he and his staff, “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.” That claim was extensively debunked by Breitbart News based on an exhaustive cache of federal data and academic research documenting the trail of destruction blazed by criminal alien predators. When these reports were presented to Mr. Todd and his producers, they replied, “No comment.”


Paglia: Trump Funnier Than Jon Stewart

In part one of our three-day conversation with Camille Paglia, the brilliant cultural critic talked Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and the odd, persistent return of ’90s political correctness. Today she takes on even hotter-button topics: Religion and atheism, Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” legacy, liberals and Fox News, and presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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Mysterious Two-Month Gap In Hillary’s Email Coincides With Benghazi Terrorist Attacks, Ethics Exemption For Top Aide

Because we no longer have anything resembling the rule of law, it’s an open question whether Democrat royalty like Clinton will ever be held to account – they simply do not live under the laws that govern even the highest-ranking yeomen and peons. The latest twist in Clinton’s flaunting of the law, and reckless endangerment of national security, to hide her activities as Secretary of State from Congress and the public is a mysterious two-month gap in her email record – just like the missing minutes from those infamous Nixon tapes.

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Jamestown Excavation Unearths Four Bodies

JAMESTOWN, Va. — When his friends buried Capt. Gabriel Archer here about 1609, they dug his grave inside a church, lowered his coffin into the ground and placed a sealed silver box on the lid.


Linda Tripp Breaks 20-Year Silence, Condemns Hillary Clinton Candidacy

Linda Tripp, the woman who exposed Monica Lewinsky as Bill Clinton’s mistress but has remained silent the last twenty years about what she knew about Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave an exclusive interview to The Daily Mail in which she offered what she knew about Hillary Clinton that makes her unfit for the presidency.

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Chait: ‘Stench of Death’ Clings To Rand Paul Campaign

In New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait writes: “[Rand] Paul finds himself languishing in every metric of campaign success: polls, fund-raising, insider support, media attention. Two pre-postmortems today convey the stench of death that clings to Paul’s once-buoyant presidential hopes. … “Paul

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