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AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool

Obama Forced to Dump Tax on 529 College Savings Accounts

In a desperate attempt at relevance, President Barack Obama thought he could pay for two promised years of free community college tuition by eliminating the tax exemption on middle-class 529 college-savings accounts. Although the Administration argued that the 529 accounts disproportionately benefit higher-income families, disenfranchising 11.6 million accounts was seen as just short of a declaration of war on “the family.” This afternoon Obama dumped his tax plan.
Obama Executive Amnesty Tweet (White House)

White House Targets California with Amnesty Tweets

The White House's official promotion of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty policy used California as its poster child in a tweet Monday touting individual states’ "benefits" following the aggressive--and unconstitutional--move.
AP Photo/Bradly C. Bower

7 Facts About America’s Disability Check Explosion

A recent House rules change by Republicans designed to curb insolvency in the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trust fund has sparked ire among some Democrats and guaranteed a forthcoming debate over the explosive growth in America’s disability program.

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