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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Wallops Hillary With Young NH Voters: 83% to 16%

Hillary Clinton was counting on young voters being excited about the prospect of voting for a historic “first,” meaning the first woman president. It looks as though young Democrats are more enamored with the idea of voting for the historic

Marco Rubio (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

NH Exit Poll: 64% Said Recent Debates ‘Important’

According to the latest exit polls out of New Hampshire, 54% of GOP voters said the recent debates were “important” in their candidate decision. Another 10% described the debates as “very important.” That is almost two-thirds of voters and probably

Trump Great Again

***Live Updates*** New Hampshire Primary Results

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were huge frontrunners before New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. But as Barack Obama found out in 2008, pre-election polls in the Granite State can often be wrong. If Sanders wins New Hampshire, pressure will mount on Clinton to win crucial


Obama Introduces National Hacker-Defense Plan

President Barack Obama signed two executive orders on Tuesday about cybersecurity and described his Cybersecurity National Action Plan in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Critics will wonder why many of the ideas in the National Action Plan were not implemented years or

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Bill Clinton’s ‘Bimbo Eruption’

As Donald Trump descended his podium at a rally in Arkansas last week, a familiar scene of screaming fans met him with requests for autographs and selfies. Everything was gaudy in a typically Trumpian way but for the presence of one person in particular: Paula Jones.


Daily Beast: Lady Gaga Delivers Super-Gay Super Bowl Anthem

Kevin Fallon in the Daily Beast thinks Lady Gaga’s National Anthem at the Super Bowl was a Big Gay Moment. Everything about her performance — the voice, the gestures, the clothes — were gay, gay, GAY, and clearly the producers meant it that way, he says.