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DPS and Border Patrol

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Should Reimburse Texas for Border Security Expenses, Say Congressmen

Two key congressional leaders told Breitbart Texas the federal government should reimburse the Lone Star State for border security expenditures. The comments from two committee chairmen follows a request from Texas House Republican leadership requesting reimbursement of $2.8 billion spent by the state on defending the state’s southern border with Mexico.

Texas Photo ID

Texas Voter ID Case Delayed for Trump Administration Review

A federal magistrate delayed next week’s hearing in the Texas Voter ID case so that the Trump Administration has time to discuss the case. The idea is that the new administration may not have the same repugnant view of the Texas law requiring a photo voter ID that the Obama administration did.


Donald Trump: Press Lying About Inauguration Crowd Size

President Donald Trump told the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on Saturday that he is engaged in “a running war” with the “dishonest media,” noting that their latest lies include misleading reports about the size of the crowd at his swearing-in ceremony on Friday.

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Trump: Press Lying About Inauguration Crowd Size

As protesters took over major cities across the nation, President Donald Trump began his presidency with a visit to church and to the CIA headquarters where he talked about terrorism, his performance at the inauguration, and even took time to blast the media.