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Judicial Watch Wants Investigation Into DNC For Hiring Illegal

The conservative group announced Wednesday that it had filed a complaint with the FEC about the DNC’s decision to “knowingly” hire an illegal immigrant when federal law prohibits foreign nationals from participating in election-related, decision making activities.

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Fear the Low-Productivity Economy of the Future

In fact, one of the worst things about politicized economics is the false promise that politicians know what the ideal economy looks like, never mind having solid plans for getting there. Is the ideal economy one in which everyone’s basic needs are covered? Welcome to the endless grey fog of the collectivist welfare or communist state, which always proves unsustainable and fails to deliver on those promises anyway.

Jeff Sessions

Study: Companies Making Taxpayers Aid Their Low-Wage Migrants

Among households that include at least one working migrant, 51 percent are paid so little that American taxpayers provide extra payments, including welfare, medical insurance, food, cash and housing, according to the new report by the Center for Immigration Studies. “Work does not equal self-sufficiency… This means that bringing workers into the country to fill low-wage jobs will often create very large costs for taxpayers in the form of welfare,” the report concluded.


IL GOP Official Funds Planned Parenthood Despite Lack of Budget

While the state has been dragged in and out of federal court over the past three months over its failure to comply with a consent decree reimbursing care for the developmentally disabled, the Republican appointed Comptroller, Leslie Munger, has authorized more than $1 million in grants to Planned Parenthood. The state payments were “grants,” according to the Comptroller’s records, so the money doesn’t appear to be tied to any Medicaid or other federal payment mandates.

Carlos McKnight holds up a flag in support of gay marriage outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, June 26, 2015.

Supreme Court Denies Relief to Christian County Clerk—For Now

The Supreme Court is denying a Kentucky county clerk’s application to stay a lower court’s ruling that she must begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. While government officers have religious liberty rights, some question whether the stronger legal argument would be to claim a personal religious liberty right to object to same-sex marriage, but not to claim governmental authority to ban her deputies from issuing those licenses, either.

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Clinton Emails Exposed Classified Satellite Intel on North Korean Nukes

Hillary Clinton originated at least six emails containing classified information, contrary to her spin that she was just a helpless unwitting recipient of material others should be blamed for compromising. Many of the messages contained information that was “born classified” – indisputably classified at the time Hillary sent or received them, under a 2009 executive order signed by President Obama, contrary to Clinton’s repeated false claims that none of her emails included information that was marked classified at the time she handled it. Some of these emails had to be redacted in their entirety before they could be released to the public.

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PPP Slips Into Campaign Messaging

PPP – Public Policy Polling – is unique, however, in that they use their polling, and their perceived record of accuracy, to actively push a Democrat agenda. On Tuesday, PPP made its first effort to try to affect the GOP primary contest, rather than simply measuring its state of play. It ventured into the world of messaging by also asking voters whether or not they thought Barack Obama was a Muslim or if they believed he was born in the United States.

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