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Oscar Poole

The Big Tent Party Collapses

The GOP is falling apart. How else to explain the wide variance of positions within the Republican Party on basic issues ranging from same-sex marriage to immigration to tax policy? For years, GOP bigwigs have explained that the Republican Party

AP/Paul Sakuma

Covered California May Merge with Bankrupt State Obamacare Exchanges

With major insurers in some states proposing up to 51 percent Obamacare insurance premium increases, liberal Democrats are scrambling to avoid a political and financial disaster. One proposal is to merge California’s financially troubled “Covered California” exchange with the even more insolvent state exchanges, like “Cover Oregon,” which was forced to shut down last year.

Nati Harnik / AP

Rick Santorum Launching Second White House Run

Rick Santorum, an aggressive advocate for conservative family values, will launch a second bid for president on Wednesday, a spokesman said. The former Pennsylvania senator exceeded the political world’s expectations by scoring a second-place finish in the race for the Republican presidential nomination four years ago.


Gay Marriage: One Study Falls as Another Stands

Gay marriage advocates, including activists, academics, and the media, have been hot to discredit University of Texas social scientist Mark Regnerus ever since his 2012 groundbreaking analysis on the life success of children raised by same-sex couples.


National Journal: Hillary Clinton Needs to Speak to Reporters

“With well over a year before the election, this is the stage of the race when Clinton should be working to get more comfortable on the trail by taking uncomfortable questions. The fact that she’s avoiding the press this early on is hardly a sign of confidence about her political readiness,” Josh Kraushaar writes.

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