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Boehner Talks Immigration Reform In Ireland

According to the Irish Times report, Boehner also spoke about how Ireland’s leader, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, has often pressed him on the immigration matter. There are about 50,000 Irish immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, many having overstated their visas.

Training target of U.S. solar funding

The Best Renewable Energy Investment

If you live in the United States, vote, pay taxes, and get your electricity from a utility company, you’ve helped the solar power industry. You support the solar industry through a variety of tax and regulatory policies—voted in by politicians you elected—that favor it over other lower-cost forms of electricity generation.

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No Child Left Behind Rewrites in House and Senate Draw Intense Criticism From Grassroots

The House’s version of the redo, known as the Student Success Act (H.R. 5), was pulled from the House floor by GOP leadership in late February after it was determined the measure lacked sufficient support. Grassroots parents’ groups – many that have been fighting against the Common Core standards in their states – voiced their concerns that the Student Success Act still required excessive federal intrusion into the right of states to set their own education policies.


Chris Christie: Trump’s Comments On Illegal Immigrants ‘Inappropriate’

“I’ve said that the comments he made were inappropriate and have no place in the race, even though I like him, he’s been a friend for 13 years but sometimes even good friends of yours say things that you don’t agree with,” Christie explained during an interview with CBS This Morning. “I don’t agree with that and I think it doesn’t have any place.”

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White Woman Arrested Near South Carolina Confederate Flag Memorial

After an incident where aspiring entertainer Bree Newsome was hailed as a “shero” by the left, the media, and Black Lives Matter activists for removing a Confederate Flag from the South Carolina State House, another woman has been arrested for defacing a monument and bringing a weapon onto Capitol grounds, to no acclaim whatsoever.


Cyber Security Fail: Saluting Hillary Clinton for Not Trusting the Big Gov’t She Worships

Just for a moment, let us indulge McLaughlin and Clift and suppose Hillary Clinton, contrary to all available evidence and testimony, really did set up a private server because she thought the State Department system she was required to use was dangerously vulnerable. What does that tell us about Big Government and its high priestess? The Democrats who saddled us with a gigantic burden of taxes, deficit spending, and regulations don’t trust the multi-trillion-dollar government they’ve built.

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Hillary Clinton Can’t Even Be Honest About Ice Cream

Now that we have settled the absolutely critical question of Hillary Clinton’s favorite flavor of ice cream, perhaps now the press can ask some questions about her email server or Benghazi or something. That is, if she ever lets them get past the rope line.

Breitbart Primary June Ted Cruz Scott Walker

Ted Cruz, Scott Walker Battle to Top Breitbart Primary

In June, 55,000 people voted in the Breitbart Primary, and they preferred Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to win the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination. In June’s inaugural Breitbart Primary poll, Cruz finished first nationally (33%)–and in


Two Previously Deported Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Murder Two Women in Two States — In 24 Hours

A 24-hour period last Wednesday and Thursday saw two cases of male illegal immigrants allegedly murdering women in two separate U.S. states: California and Texas. In both instances, the women’s murder could have been prevented by authorities had they enforced existing U.S. immigration laws and/or had the U.S.-Mexico border been functionally secured. The California murder involved an illegal immigrant who had been previously deported five times with seven felonies and the Texas murder involved an illegal immigrant who had been deported on four previous occasions. In the Texas case, local Laredo police had been called to the man’s house on at least three occasions over domestic disputes, yet they failed to contact Border Patrol about the man, according to federal agents.

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