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Jimmy ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ McMillan Facing Eviction

Former New York City mayoral candidate and founder of the "Rent is too damn high" party, Jimmy McMillan, is facing eviction from his $872-a-month rent stabilized East Village apartment, although it's apparently not because the rent is too high.
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Newt on Radical Islam, President Lives in a ‘Fantasy World’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sat down with Breitbart’s own Steven K. Bannon and Alexander Marlow during a special edition of Breitbart News Sunday covering the weekend Iowa Freedom Summit. Gingrich focused in on the heart of his Saturday speech, addressing foreign policy with a special emphasis on the worldwide crisis of radical Islam, a fight that Newt says America is losing in the world today.
Border Patrol Making Arrests

Poll: Majority of Hispanics Want Tougher Laws Against Hiring Illegals

Though establishment Republican leaders and the mainstream press–without any evidence–incessantly claim Republicans must cave on immigration enforcement to appeal to Hispanics, a majority of Hispanics actually want Congress to pass legislation making it tougher for businesses to illegally hire illegal

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