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On the Mike Pence/State News Agency

When I saw the top of the home page headline concerning the newly proposed State news agency being proposed by the Pence administration (it was the top story at Breitbart.com) Tuesday, it was completely impossible for me to comprehend what I was seeing.
AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Squatters Disrupt Detroit’s Plans to Bulldoze Its Way to Prosperity

At a cost of hundreds of millions of tax dollars, Detroit has launched its plan to contract the size of its city by demolishing thousands of abandoned buildings in areas blighted by decay. But the city is repeatedly running into squatters living in the abandoned buildings, slowing the city's effort to bulldoze its way to prosperity.
Associated Press

Luis Gutierrez Continues Exec Amnesty Tour in South Carolina

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) will continue his nationwide executive amnesty tour in South Carolina on Friday. He will appear at Mount Moriah Baptist Church in North Charleston to inform illegal immigrants about President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty and Deferred Action

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