Why We Must Demand More of British Muslims

When I say 'demand' more of British Muslims, I don’t mean 'ask' more. That isn’t enough. Governments and civil society have been asking for long enough now, yet we still have a frightening lack of cohesion within communities where a large percentage of Muslims live. Nor has it encouraged a tolerant, inclusive attitude amongst huge swathes of Muslims.
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Why We Must Demand More of British Muslims

When I say 'demand' more of British Muslims, I don’t mean 'ask' more. That isn’t enough. Governments and civil society have been asking for long enough now, yet we still have a frightening lack of cohesion within communities where a large percentage of Muslims live. Nor has it encouraged a tolerant, inclusive attitude amongst huge swathes of Muslims. 30 Aug 2014, 8:23 AM PDT

Cameron: Britain Facing 'Greatest Terrorist Threat' in History

Britain is facing the "greatest and deepest" threat from terrorism in the country's history, according to Prime Minister David Cameron. Speaking after the UK's terror threat level was raised to "severe", meaning that an attack is "highly likely", Cameron said that the threat posed by ISIS could last for decades, and said that the group could turn itself into an expanding terror state "on the shores of the Mediterranean". 30 Aug 2014, 8:11 AM PDT

Tories Refusing to Fight Against Carswell

Conservative MPs have said that they will refuse to campaign against Douglas Carswell, warning that if the party fights too hard against UKIP it could cause a damaging split on the right. 30 Aug 2014, 6:43 AM PDT

Boris: More Oxbridge than Uxbridge – It's Time for UKIP

It’s up to the hardworking residents of Uxbridge and South Ruislip to choose whether they want to be represented by a member of the working class or put yet another Bullingdon boy into Parliament. Boris is perfectly suited to Oxbridge but definitely not to Uxbridge. 30 Aug 2014, 5:56 AM PDT

Cameron Would Win a Vote on Bombing ISIS, Says Leading MP

A leading Conservative MP has said that British Prime Minister David Cameron would win a vote in Parliament on bombing ISIS. The Daily Mail says that Sir Richard Ottaway, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said that a majority of MPs would back arming the Kurds, and possibly even launching air strikes. 30 Aug 2014, 5:38 AM PDT

Leaving the EU Is the Only Way to Cut Immigration

It has become a familiar routine to hear Cameron plead he can reduce net migration, and for the Office of National Statistics to publish figures which reveal the futility of his efforts. Yesterday's ONS figures reveal annual net migration – the difference between numbers arriving and those leaving - soared past 243,000, equivalent to a city the size of Southampton. This is a massive increase of 68,000 from net migration the previous year, and two thirds of the increase are accounted for by the influx of EU migrants. 30 Aug 2014, 5:14 AM PDT

Up to 12,000 Westerners Fighting for Extremist Groups in Syria

As many as 12,000 foreigners have gone to Syria to fight the government of Bashar Assad. Many have joined extremist groups, including the al-Nusra front, an al-Qaida affiliate, and the Islamic State group, which now controls a territory straddling Syria and Iraq. 30 Aug 2014, 2:11 AM PDT

Even An Underdog Has His Day, Clacton Defects To UKIP

Nigel Farage and UKIPs newest party member Douglas Carswell MP looked like a honeymoon couple on the prom as they undertook their first walk about in Clacton. Officially Carswell is the UKIP underdog in the by-election but if today is anything to go by this is going to be more like a coronation than a genuine political scrap. 29 Aug 2014

First Tory Councillor Follows Carswell to UKIP

A Conservative councillor has become the first to follow MP Douglas Carswell in joining UKIP. Councillor Chris Neal, who serves on Sevenoaks District Council, joined the anti-EU party today, saying that the Conservatives "no longer have the interests of ordinary people at heart." 29 Aug 2014

Scottish 'Yes' Vote Soars After Pro-Union Leader's Disastrous Debate Performance

The campaign for Scottish independence has received a much-needed boost in the polls following Alistair Darling's poor performance in the final televised debate of the campaign. The leader of the pro-UK 'Better Together' campaign floundered in Monday's debate against Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, with a snap poll saying he had lost by 29 percent to 71. 29 Aug 2014

British Student Hails 'Golden Era of Jihad'

A 21-year-old British student has posted a video on social media urging Muslims to join the "golden era of jihad". Hamzah Parvez had told his family he had gone to study in Germany, but instead went to fight for Islamic State in Iraq. 29 Aug 2014

Carswell's Defection Has Made me Rejoin UKIP, says Former Tory Youth Star

Douglas Carswell has joined UKIP. About bloody time; this is a long awaited move. Carswell has been in closer political alignment to UKIP than to the Conservatives for years; on Europe, on climate change, on localism, on restoring public faith in politics… and his assurances that a move to UKIP was not imminent were noticeable by their absence long before this week 29 Aug 2014

Up To 8 More Tory and Labour Defectors To Come Say UKIP

UKIP may already have it’s next wave of defectors ready to cross the floor should Douglas Carswell find success in his by-election bid, with party leader Nigel Farage boasting that he has talked to both Labour and Conservative MPs who support UKIP behind closed doors 29 Aug 2014

UN: Ebola Disease Caseload Could Reach 20,000

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is accelerating and could grow six times larger to infect as many as 20,000 people, the World Health Organization said Thursday. The U.N. health agency unveiled a new road map for containing the virus, and scientists are fast-tracking efforts to find a treatment or vaccine. 29 Aug 2014

Malaysia Airlines to Trim Staff, Routes under Reform Plan

Malaysia Airlines will slash thousands of staff, trim routes, replace its CEO and consider strategic stake sales to outside investors under plans announced Friday to save it from bankruptcy after two devastating disasters. 29 Aug 2014

182 Migrants Rescued Off Greece

Greece's coast guard said Friday that 182 migrants had been rescued off the Greek coast in the Aegean Sea in the past 24 hours. 29 Aug 2014

Dear Douglas; From One UKIP Convert To Another – Welcome!

Dear Douglas, So you finally took the plunge and made the jump. Feels good, doesn’t it? Quite liberating, in fact. No longer do you have to pretend that mere “reform” of the EU is a goal worth pursuing. No longer do you have to nod along as Cameron tells the House what a success his immigration reforms have been. No longer do you have to stay silent as the countryside and our channel are inundated with wind farms. 28 Aug 2014

Tories Raise 1000+ Volunteers To Fight UKIP Defector Carswell

After the Carswell defection UKIP leader Nigel Farage headed to the pub to celebrate the biggest coup in recent Westminster history, but it seems the Tories have no plans to give up Clacton without a fight. Within hours of its establishment, the Tory “Clacton Volunteer Force” had added 1200 volunteers committed to defending the seat 28 Aug 2014

Do Poor People Have a 'Crime Gene'? The Economist says Maybe

Science is, like, totally racist. That's the message we've been getting recently, from the relatively new science of genomics, which is revealing that race is indeed biological and not a "social construct" as it's fashionable to claim, and from large-scale psychological studies, which show that there might be genetic reasons why crime is persistently high in poor areas 28 Aug 2014

France rules out Assad as partner in terror fight

French President Francois Hollande has ruled out an international partnership with Syria's leader to fight against the Islamic State group, saying any alliance with Bashar Assad would play into the militants' hands 28 Aug 2014

Muslim Quango Rejects Coalition Over Money Trouble

An ‘independent’ Quango founded by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has cut ties to the government after refusing to accept that maintaining links to questionable organisations meant it could not continue to receive public money. According to The Times, a spokesman for the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) said they had enjoyed a “very, very limited level of engagement” with the Coalition. 27 Aug 2014

Eurocrat Accused of Stoking 'Russophobia' With Stalin Jibe

Europe’s brand-new Justice Commissioner has only been in the job five weeks, but she has already made her own unique contribution to worsening relations between the European Union and their eastern cousins by using ‘black ribbon day’ to remind Russia they started the Second World War. 27 Aug 2014

UKIP Deputy Chairman: Rotherham Could've Been Avoided With More Democratic Oversight

Can anyone with any shred of decency not be left feeling desolate and driven to righteous anger by the news from Rotherham? At least 1400 girls, some as young as eleven, repeatedly gang raped, abducted, prostituted, beaten, intimidated, made to watch pornography of the most vile kind, even doused in petrol and threatened with immolation. How could this have gone unchallenged, here in Britain, for at least sixteen years? 27 Aug 2014

CLAIM: Austria Is 'Jihad Hub' Second Only to London

The Local, which brings European news stories to English speaking audiences, has covered a report in Austrian newspaper Der Standard stating that Austria is being used as a hub for the recruitment and organisation of European jihadists, who then travel through the Western Balkans to Syria 27 Aug 2014

Conservative MP Stands by Enoch Powell's Premonition for a Multicultural Britain

A Conservative MP has said that Enoch Powell was right to warn that "non-Christian" immigration would cause social problems. In a letter to a constituent, Sir Gerald Howarth said that the recent Trojan Horse scandal showed that some of these immigrants have a different "ethos" to Christian schools, and that the government is right to intervene to stop them teaching their ideology to British students. 27 Aug 2014

UK Govt Blows £100K on Twitter Lessons for Diplomats

Freedom of Information requests have revealed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has spent £92,000 on training to help diplomats and staff to use intuitive social media platforms such as Twitter in the course of their work. As a recent study has shown six year old children are now more tech-savvy than the average 45 year old, and a recent ‘diplomatic census’ revealed almost half of diplomats are aged 46 or over, this may explain the big spend on the FCOs tech-dinosaurs 27 Aug 2014

New EU Commission Chief Warns Member States: Appoint More Women for Top Jobs

Following accusations that Europe’s new executive commission is “mostly being men from right-wing parties”, the new President of Europe has warned member nations to reconsider their commissioner nominations. Female commissioners would take top priority for the more prestigious jobs such as vice presidencies and foreign secretary 27 Aug 2014

Medieval Cardiff Castle Reinforced Amidst ISIS Threat To NATO Summit

Medieval Cardiff Castle may have been built by the Normans and last invaded in the 1640's but the security services have had to reinforce it for the NATO summit amidst concerns Islamic fundamentalists may attempt an attack. The Castle is the centre of the Welsh capital city, a city that has been rocked by an alleged ISIS recruitment drive. 27 Aug 2014

Nigel Farage Formally Selected In South Thanet For 2015

Nigel Farage has been formally selected as UKIP candidate for South Thanet in the 2015 General Election. The appointment ends months of waiting, which was caused because UKIP insisted on selecting after they knew who the Conservative candidate was, and the Tory selection was put back. 27 Aug 2014

Ban ISIS Symbols: Austrian Minister

A centre-right minister in Austria has cited "tolerance" to call for a ban on membership of the jihadist group ISIS and on the wearing of any ISIS-related symbols. If enacted the move could be incendiary, as the ISIS flag depicts the Shahada, an Islamic creed, and the revered Seal of Muhammed. 27 Aug 2014


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