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Wearing A Bikini is a French Woman's Duty Claims Anti-Hijab Minister

A row over how freedom should be defined has broken out on French social media pages, after former minister Nadine Morano posted a picture of a woman sitting on a beach wearing a long sleeved tunic, trousers and headscarf on her Facebook page. Alongside the photo she suggested that it was a French woman’s "duty" to wear a bikini at the seaside 20 Aug 2014, 8:43 AM PDT

Come And Join UKIP, Daniel Hannan! We're the Only Party for You...

I’ve known Dan Hannan since 1991. He’s a hardcore, paid up, all-singing, all-dancing Eurosceptic. No question about that. It’s the key issue in politics for him. There’s only one problem. In the Daily Telegraph yesterday he admitted that David Cameron isn’t a Eurosceptic. But Dan supports him and his Lib Dem-infested government all the same 20 Aug 2014, 8:27 AM PDT

UK Cops: Watching James Foley Beheading Video Could Land You in Jail

British police have warned that those watching the beheading video of U.S. journalist James Foley could be arrested. The news is the latest attempt to curtail people's use of the internet and possibly to try and avoid British Muslims becoming radicalised by the footage featuring a jihadist fighter with a London accent 20 Aug 2014, 8:03 AM PDT

Iran's Parliament Dismisses Moderate Minister

In a move led by hard-line lawmakers, Iran's parliament dismissed the country's science minister on Wednesday over his alleged support for pro-Western voices at universities, dealing a blow to moderate President Hassan Rouhani 20 Aug 2014, 7:51 AM PDT

Russian Downturn Hits Europe's Beer Makers

Russia's drift towards recession has slashed Carlsberg's sales in the country, while fellow brewer Heineken escaped the worst thanks to its smaller exposure to eastern Europe 20 Aug 2014, 7:34 AM PDT

Dear Philip Hammond, What EXACTLY is a 'Moderate Jihadist'?

What exactly is a "moderate jihadist"? Is it someone who tweets photographs of severed heads but fights shy of getting his hands bloody? Someone who inclines towards enslaving captured women and children rather than burying them alive? One who only executes Yazidis but not Christians? 20 Aug 2014, 4:13 AM PDT

Severed Cat's Heads Found On 'Curry Mile' District of Manchester

A council worker in Manchester has discovered severed cat's heads close to the 'Curry Mile' area of Manchester, according to the Manchester Evening News. The area around Wilmslow Road, Rusholme is known as the 'Curry Mile' as it is home to over seventy Indian restaurants and has a large Asian population. 19 Aug 2014

Solar Plant Burns Birds in Mid Flight: 28,000 Deaths Per Year

Concerns have been raised after federal wildlife investigators in the United States observed a solar-thermal plant immolating passing birds mid-flight. According to the Associated Press the workers at the 392MW plant have a nickname for the birds, ‘streamers’, given for the trail of smoke they leave as they plunge to the ground 19 Aug 2014

UKIP and the BBC's 'Ting Tong' Hypocrisy

Well I never thought I’d see the day when I’d feel sorry for Janice Atkinson. And it still hasn’t happened. However, the hypocrisy of the BBC never ceases to amaze. Yesterday BBCSouth East was outraged, outraged I tell you, by UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson calling the Thai wife of one of her party members “Ting Tong from somewhere” 19 Aug 2014

China Troops 'Enter Disputed India Territory'

Chinese troops have advanced in recent days into disputed territory claimed by India, echoing a similar incursion last year that raised tensions between the two rival giants, official sources said Tuesday 19 Aug 2014

'Filthy', Illegal Immigrant Camp In Calais To Be Closed

A senior official in Calais has confirmed that it will start demolishing the filthy makeshift camp that is home to as many as 2000 illegal immigrants bound for Britain. Numbers at the Jungle 2 camp have swollen in recent months, leading to staff at the UK Border Force admitting they are unable to cope. 19 Aug 2014

Britain's Influence in Brussels Waning

Common sense dictates if you are trying to successfully renegotiate in four years what has not been possible in forty, you start straight away. Despite this, a year and half on, the Prime Minister has yet to make any attempt to correct our relationship with Brussels, much to the chagrin of his grassroots support 19 Aug 2014

Feminisation Of Politics Is Making Parliament Boring Says Labour MP

Veteran Labour left-winger, Austin Mitchell MP has claimed that all-women shortlists for Parliamentary seats are leading to a 'feminisation' of British politics, which is making the House of Commons boring. Mitchell, who is retiring next year, had previously complained that picking a woman to succeed him in Great Grimsby would risk either the Conservatives or UKIP winning. 18 Aug 2014

McDonald's Confronts its Junk Food Image

At a dinner McDonald's hosted for reporters and bloggers, waiters served cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs using ingredients from the chain's menu 18 Aug 2014

Kosher vs Halal is a Battle for the Soul of our Supermarkets

In the red corner, a peaceful, creative, successful and admired diaspora that has gifted economic and cultural bounties wherever it has settled. In the blue corner, bigoted vandals, in hock to an ugly and violent ideology, bullying others while playing the victim and demanding special treatment. Guess who our supine supermarkets are sucking up to? Why, the bullies and bigots, of course 18 Aug 2014

Organised Crime Fuelling Britain's 'Gangsta Jihad'

Violent British Muslims fighting for the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria are using organised crime in the UK to pay for their "gangsta-Jihad" and may pose a significant security risk if they are allowed to return, reveals the Express on Sunday 18 Aug 2014

5 Reasons David Cameron's Essay on ISIS is Utter Nonsense

British Prime Minister David Cameron had an op-ed in the Sunday Telegraph today spelling out why he thinks 'ISIS is bad, mmkay'? At first glance it looks like a pretty solid stand against the barbarians marauding across the Levant. But in reality, much like everything David Cameron does, it is a lot of fart and not much poop 17 Aug 2014

Cameron: ISIS Are Extremists Abusing Islam

Stability. Security. The peace of mind that comes from being able to get a decent job and provide for your family, in a country that you feel has a good future ahead of it and that treats people fairly. In a nutshell, that is what people in Britain want – and what the Government I lead is dedicated to building 17 Aug 2014

Interview With a Convicted Jihadist: 'As Soon as I left Islam I stopped Hating Women, Gays, and Jews'

Saif Rahman, founder of the Humanist and Cultural Muslim Association and Author of The Islamist Delusion interviewed a former convicted jihadist – a teenage convert to Islam and now an ex-Muslim – about his previous views on homosexuality and women. His identity has been hidden over fears of his safety. He is known below as 'X Jihadist'. Read the full interview below: 17 Aug 2014

Pakistan Anti-Government Protestors Press Demands

Thousands of opposition demonstrators crowded the streets of the Pakistani capital for a second day on Sunday, after a populist cleric issued a 48-hour ultimatum demanding the arrest of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 17 Aug 2014


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