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Mali Seeks to Contain Ebola Fears after Girl Dies

Mali authorities on Saturday scrambled to calm fears over Ebola after the disease claimed its first victim in the African country, a contagious toddler who took a 1,000-kilometre journey on public buses before seeking treatment. 25 Oct 2014, 6:49 AM PDT

Egypt Leader: Foreign Hands Behind Sinai Attack

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Saturday that an assault on an army checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula that killed 30 troops was a "foreign-funded operation" and vowed to take drastic action against militants. 25 Oct 2014, 6:07 AM PDT

Chancellor Failed to Tell Prime Minister about Massive EU Bill

The Daily Telegraph has revealed that the Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to tell David Cameron about the £1.7bn bill which the European Commission demanded of Britain for having a growing economy. The Prime Minister issued a strong message to other Brussels leaders after many of his own MPs said the bill was unacceptable. 25 Oct 2014, 6:03 AM PDT

UKIP Is the Biggest Challenge to the Progressive Consensus

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, columnist Dan Hodges reveals that UKIP have become identified as the new bastards of British politics. They might have spooked the Westminster village with their populist rhetoric, but the British public knows a scoundrel when it sees one, and wants nothing to do with them. 25 Oct 2014, 3:29 AM PDT

Women on Front Lines in Syria, Iraq Against IS

Just over a year ago, Afshin Kobani was a teacher. Now, the Kurdish Syrian woman has traded the classroom for the front lines in the battle for Kobani, a town besieged by fighters from the Islamic State extremist group. 25 Oct 2014, 3:09 AM PDT

£1.7 Billion EU Bill Shows We Need Radical Reform

The EU’s announcement that it expects an additional £1.7 billion from the UK is both reasonable on a pan-European level, but unreasonable in the context of the UK. Crucially, it acts as a poignant reminder as to why the UK must be firm in renegotiating its position within Europe and why Britain’s contribution to the EU budget must be part of such a renegotiation. 25 Oct 2014, 2:31 AM PDT

Iran Hangs Woman Convicted in 'Flawed Trial' Despite International Condemnation

The execution of 26 year old Reyhaneh Jabbari has been carried out in Iran, according to the country’s news wire. IRNA quoted the Tehran’s prosecutor’s office as saying she was hanged at dawn on Saturday, Al Jazeera reports, which appears to be confirmed by a message on the homepage of the Facebook campaign to save her which simply states ‘Rest in Peace’. 25 Oct 2014, 2:13 AM PDT

WHO Eyes Mass Ebola Vaccines by Mid-2015

Hundreds of thousands of Ebola vaccine doses could be rolled out to West Africa by mid-2015, the World Health Organization said Friday, after new cases of the virus were reported in New York and a two-year-old girl died in the first case in Mali. 25 Oct 2014, 1:59 AM PDT

Scottish Labour Leader Resigns with Bitter Attack on Party

The leader of the Scottish Labour Party has resigned with a well targeted final shot at Ed Miliband. Johann Lamont told the Daily Record that she was left with no choice but to resign because the Labour party refused to accept that the party north of the border needed autonomy just as Scotland wanted devolution from Westminster. 25 Oct 2014, 1:43 AM PDT

The problem with Owen Jones...

Say what you like about Owen Jones - it's not like he'll notice: he will long since have blocked you on Twitter - but he makes the most admirably formidable performer in TV and radio debates. 25 Oct 2014, 1:09 AM PDT

Feminists V Socialists: Edinburgh Uni Feminists Try to Ban Socialist Workers Party

Another day, another round of infighting between the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front. The Edinburgh University Student’s Association (EUSA) has been accused of “inconsistency” in its commitment to “end rape culture and lad banter on campus”, after a motion put forward by the University’s Feminist Society to ban the Socialist Workers’ Party from campus was withheld when the SWP threatened legal action. 24 Oct 2014

Eight More Good Reasons to Loathe and Despise 9/11 Truther Russell Brand

Russell Brand - soap-dodger, lech, former husband of the infinitely more talented Katy Perry - is the most irritating person on earth. This much we knew. But I don't think any of us realised just HOW irritating till his most recent appearance on BBC Newsnight last night in which, besides revealing himself to be a 9/11 Truther, he also emerged as a preening, ignorant, manipulative bully with disturbing communist and Islamist tendencies. 24 Oct 2014

Copenhagen Art Gallery Forced to Cancel 'Racist' Exhibition After Owner Receives Death Threats

A Copenhagen gallery has withdrawn from exhibition a number of artworks by controversial Swedish artist Dan Park, after the gallery owner received death threats against himself and his family. The exhibition, which had been organised by the Danish Free Press Society, is to be moved to another gallery in the city, the location of which has not yet been revealed, according to The Local. 24 Oct 2014

Asylum Seekers Pretending to Be Gay to Cheat UK System

A third of asylum seekers who claim to be gay fail to mention their sexuality for “months or years after arrival in the UK, often following a refusal of leave on other grounds” according to a new report. The Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, John Vine, revealed the figures in a major new report into the handling of asylum seekers who claim they are escaping homophobic discrimination. 24 Oct 2014

Cameron: Britain Will Not Pay 'Completely Unacceptable' EU Bill

David Cameron announced today at a press conference in Brussels that he "is not going to get out his cheque book" at the request of the European Commission. "There has been quite a bit of anger about the way we have been treated," said the Prime Minister, referring to the £1.7bn demand by the EU from UK tax payers. 24 Oct 2014

Confiscating Jihadis' Passports 'Could Encourage Terrorism At Home'

The policy of confiscating the passports of radical Muslims has been called into question after it was revealed both terrorist attacks in Canada were perpetrated by people stripped of their travel documents. Martin Couture-Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau were both prevented from travelling to Syria to join ISIS, and so instead attacked targets at home instead. 24 Oct 2014

Tory By-Election Candidate Is An Anti-Israeli Activist

The Conservative candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election is an anti-Israeli activist, according to a report in the Jewish Chronicle. Kelly Tolhurst, who was selected to run for the seat in an open primary, has regularly taken to Twitter demanding a boycott of the country and to support Gaza. 24 Oct 2014

Man-Made Global Warming 'A Myth', Says Weather Channel Founder

Man-made climate change is a myth and all efforts to prove its existence have failed, according to Weather Channel founder John Coleman. The award winning weatherman, whose career spans over sixty years, drew on the support of over 9,000 Ph.D. scientists to claim that “the science [purportedly proving man made global warming] is not valid”. 24 Oct 2014

North Korea Bans All Foreign Tourists over Ebola Fears

As the world continues to be in the grip of panic over the deadly Ebola virus, North Korea has taken drastic action to stop the disease from crossing its borders. Tour operators have said that the secretive Communist state is to ban all foreigners entering the country on tourist trips in case they may have the virus - regardless of where they have been travelling. 24 Oct 2014

Could Our Serjeant-At-Arms Protect The British Parliament?

This week most of the world has been struck by the remarkable sight of the Canadian Sergeant-At-Arms walking around in his traditional regalia with a gun, having personally fought off a terrorist attack. Although the attack was a dreadful moment for Canada, there was undoubtedly a great sense of pride at the skill and professionalism of a man that most people will have assumed was employed purely for show. 24 Oct 2014

We Must Defeat the Poisonous Ideology of Islamism

Immediately following the attack on Canada’s Parliament many media pundits began referring to the terrorist attacker as “misguided.” Some pondered whether the convert to radical Islam, Michael Sehaf-Bibeau, was somehow a “madman,” a “lunatic” or a “nut job.” What this betrays is a profound misunderstanding of the struggle being waged against free Western societies and an underestimation of what must be fought. 24 Oct 2014

Taxpayers Should Pay People To Be Healthy Says NHS Boss

The Chief Executive of NHS England has said that the service should give companies money in exchange for asking their staff to lose weight and stop smoking. Simon Stevens claimed the move was vital to help plug the £8bn annual shortfall the NHS is expected to run by 2020. 23 Oct 2014

UKIP Candidate 'Bruised and Kicked' by Man in Hove

A UKIP candidate was shoved and kicked after trying to stop a man vandalising her political stall in Brighton and Hove. Linda Reid, who is a UKIP city council candidate, said that the incident happened as she and her team were packing up their stall on George Street on Saturday afternoon when a man attacked them. 23 Oct 2014

It's Official: There is No Hope for EU Reform

It might have gone unnoticed by most but the handover of power in Brussels is complete: we officially have a new government ruling the federal state of which we are effectively a part. Yesterday, Jean-Claude Juncker’s Commission has been approved without any fanfare and his office will now commence in earnest. 23 Oct 2014

EU Leaders Seek More Ebola Funding at Summit

The European Union on Thursday came up with another 24.4 million euros ($31 million) to fight Ebola, as the bloc's leaders pressed to create a 1 billion-euro ($1.26 billion) fund to fight the deadly virus. 23 Oct 2014

Russia's Navalny Vows to Fight Putin

Russia's most prominent opposition leader is in bare feet, dressed in blue jeans and a checkered shirt, as he opens the door to his apartment in a drab Soviet-era block. 23 Oct 2014

Coal-Rich Poland Ready to Block EU Climate Deal

European Union leaders meeting in Brussels to stamp their new, ambitious greenhouse gas emissions plan should prepare for unyielding opposition from coal-reliant Poland and some other East European countries who say their developing economies and electricity bills would suffer too much from the new target. 23 Oct 2014

Exhibition on Troops in Afghanistan Opens in London

The British military's 13 years in Afghanistan is recounted in a new exhibition opening in London on Thursday, weeks before its combat forces pull out with the country facing an uncertain future. 23 Oct 2014

UK Enacts Draconian Anti-Social Behavioural Laws

This week seemingly, like Banquo’s Ghost in Macbeth, a new law has appeared to haunt us and disappeared at the final curtain, unnoticed. This week the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 (ABCP) came into force. It is to give additional powers to the police, local authorities and some in the private sector to deal with problem people and situations. 23 Oct 2014

Here's What Will Happen to Games Journalism in the Coming Decade

One question supporters of GamerGate, the consumer revolt against shoddy ethics and bias in video games journalism, often ask me is what a successful campaign outcome might look like. Based on my experience in online media, here's where I think video games journalism is headed. In other words: what GamerGate will ultimately achieve. 23 Oct 2014

BBC Radio 4 Phone-in Hijacked by Left-Wing Lobbying

A headline interview with the Chief Executive of NHS England was hijacked today by a left wing pressure group. Simon Stevens was interviewed on Radio 4 in the prime time slot reserved for the biggest interviews of the programme. As well as answering questions from presenter Sarah Montague, the programme had encouraged listeners to send in their questions from the health boss. 23 Oct 2014

Ottawa: The Lazy Selfish Terrorist And The Patriot Who Killed Him

Yesterday's extraordinary fire fight in the Canadian Parliament brought together two men from quite different backgrounds. On one side was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who raised his arms in delight having shot an unarmed solider at point blank range. The other was Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, who led a team to hunt and kill the terrorist. 23 Oct 2014

Police Expand Presence in Jerusalem after Car Attack

Jerusalem police vowed a "zero tolerance" policy towards violence Thursday after a Palestinian rammed his car into a crowd, killing a baby and triggering clashes across the city's annexed eastern sector. 23 Oct 2014

Police Killer Roberts to be Released

Britain's most notorious police killer Harry Roberts is due to be released after spending more than 45 years in jail, reports said on Thursday. 23 Oct 2014

Syria Airstrikes Toll 'over 500'

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes on Syria have killed more than 500 people, mainly Islamic militants, since they began last month, activists said Thursday, as warplanes targeted an oil field in the eastern Deir el-Zour province near Iraq. 23 Oct 2014

Tesco Chair Resigns after Accounting Scandal

The chairman of Tesco, the world's second-biggest retailer behind Walmart, has resigned amid an accounting scandal in which the company admitted it had overstated its profits. 23 Oct 2014

Snapshot: UKIP on Course to Win Rochester and Strood

This morning’s ComRes poll in Rochester and Strood has UKIP defector Mark Reckless 13 points ahead of the Tories in the constituency. Conservative HQ had pretty much openly priced in defeat in Clacton two weeks ago, but losing again on November 20th would be a disaster for them. David Cameron visited the seat last week and plans to make four more trips ahead of the vote. 23 Oct 2014

Climate Change is Shrinking Goats, Say Researchers

Alpine goats are shrinking due to climate change, researchers have claimed. Scientists from Durham University say that the goats now weigh 25 percent less than goats of a similar age thirty years ago, and blame the shrinkage on the region's changing climate. 22 Oct 2014

Labour's Free Child Care Plan Costs £66,000 For Each Mum Back In Work

A flagship child care plan introduced by the last Labour government has been shown to be so bad at encouraging mums back into work that it cost £66,000 for each one who did. The cost of giving free nursery places for three-year-olds under the part-time pre-school places scheme will be £800m this year but only 12,000 mums have returned to work as a result. 22 Oct 2014

IRA Sex Abuse Allegations Cause Irish Political Storm

Allegations of a sexual abuse cover-up by IRA militants have caused a storm from Belfast to Dublin and drawn comparisons with the Catholic Church, as well as offering a rare glimpse into vigilante policing during the province's troubled past. 22 Oct 2014

Three Quarters of Danes Back 'Anti-Semitic' Ban on Male Circumcision

The Danish Parliament is set to once again debate the legality of male circumcision today, with the Red-Green Alliance and the Liberal Alliance teaming up to push for a ban on the practice. The other Parliamentary parties are in internal disagreement on the matter. A survey of 1,000 Danes polled in the last few days found that the Danish people overwhelmingly support a ban, with nearly three in four backing either a full or partial ban, whilst only ten percent supported the rights of parents to circumcise their sons. 22 Oct 2014

Syria Claims it Destroyed Jets Seized by IS

The Syrian air force has destroyed two of three jets seized and reportedly test flown over Aleppo by the Islamic State group last week, according to the country's information minister. 22 Oct 2014

Iraqi Kurds to Vote on Sending Forces to Syria

Iraq's Kurdish regional parliament will hold a session on Wednesday to vote on deploying peshmerga security forces to aid Syrian Kurds battling jihadists from the Islamic State group, a senior lawmaker said. 22 Oct 2014

Father of British Hostage Cantlie Dies

The father of British photojournalist John Cantlie has died, a fortnight after making a impassioned appeal to Islamic State militants to release his son, the family said on Wednesday. 22 Oct 2014

GPs Offered £55 Bonus For Each New Dementia Case Diagnosed

GPs are being offered a cash bonus for every new dementia case they diagnose under a scheme that has been branded unethical by leading doctors. The NHS will pay family doctors £55 every time they diagnose a case, in the hope it will help boost the number of sufferers identified. 22 Oct 2014

'Over Half' of British Donations to Syrian Humanitarian Charities Help Fund ISIS

More than half of the UK’s donations to smaller charities working in Syria fall into the hands of ISIS and other Islamist groups, the London based anti-radicalisation think-tank Quilliam has claimed. Two charities who send aid convoys to the country are now being investigated by the Charities Commission over possible serious breaches of their charitable status. Both deny the claim. 22 Oct 2014


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