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FIONA BRUCE MP: Abortion Limits Need to Be Rethought In the Face of Medical Progress

A recent Freedom of Information discovered that, at the best neonatal units, survival rates for extremely premature babies have risen significantly. While official surveys like EPICure do not appear to show a rise, this fails to tell the whole story because it does not reflect the successes and breakthroughs being achieved at the biggest centres with the most expertise 30 Sep 2014, 10:24 AM PDT

Piers Morgan Set To Bring Controversial Views On Gun Control To New American Audience

Controversial media man Piers Morgan, whose CNN slot was cancelled earlier this year amidst falling ratings and widespread criticism of his stance on gun control, has been appointed Editor-at-Large (US) for MailOnline. Although the company nominally takes a conservative position, Morgan has already sparked outrage in America for his liberal views, including his attacks on 2nd Amendment rights. 30 Sep 2014, 8:04 AM PDT

Cameron Gets Louder on Europe as Party Cracks Widen

Ahead of a general election which could prompt a referendum on Britain leaving the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron has become the latest Conservative leader struggling to hold his party together over Europe. 30 Sep 2014, 6:24 AM PDT

Third Cantlie Propaganda Film: ISIS is the True Islam

The Islamic state last night released another propaganda film featuring British journalist John Cantlie, who in a scripted address warned the West of an impending “Gulf War 3”, and implied that American President Obama had made a failed bid to improve his approval ratings by launching air strikes against the Islamic State. 30 Sep 2014, 6:17 AM PDT

EU says Ireland grants Apple illegal tax benefits

Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal rebates that may have to be recouped, the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday as it pressed forward with an inquiry into Apple's overseas tax practices 30 Sep 2014, 5:31 AM PDT

More and More French Joining Mid-East Jihad

France's interior minister says the number of French radicals joining extremists in Syria and Iraq has soared this year, saying that justifies a tough new anti-terrorist law adopted this month 30 Sep 2014, 5:25 AM PDT

Now It's Plagiarism: Brooke Magnanti Accused of Ripping off Wikipedia

On Saturday, we reported that journalist and former sex worker Brooke Magnanti, who shot to fame under the pen name Belle du Jour, had been accused of sockpuppeting by London barrister Anya Palmer. Now allegations have surfaced that Magnanti plagiarised a Wikipedia page about Valentine's Day in a column for the Telegraph. 30 Sep 2014, 3:48 AM PDT

'Mash-ups' to be Allowed Under Copyright Law - But Only If They Are Funny

A new exception to British copyright law is being introduced to allow for the creation of mash-ups – but only if they’re funny. The exception to the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998 will come into force on Wednesday, and will allow for the creation of mash-ups – that is, existing material that has been reedited to create a humorous montage – without the express permission of the owner of the original material. 30 Sep 2014, 2:56 AM PDT

Former London Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes Defects to UKIP

Richard Barnes, the former right hand man to Mayor of London Boris Johnson, has become the latest high profile Conservative to defect to Ukip. Last night his former boss accused Ukip defectors of being the type to have sex with vacuum cleaners. This morning Mr Barnes declared that he was moving to Ukip because the other parties did not “speak the language of normal people,” the Standard has reported. 30 Sep 2014, 2:52 AM PDT

Thatcher Would Have Opposed Reckless Defection Says Right-Wing Group

A pressure group founded by Margaret Thatcher has claimed that the former Prime Minister would not have endorced defections to UKIP if she were alive today. Conservative Way Forward (CWF), which Thatcher headed until her death in 2013, made the claims at a private event at party conference. 30 Sep 2014, 2:51 AM PDT

Conservative Conference: What Have the Tories Got to Smile About?

"A funeral", "a wake", "awful", "dead". These are some of the words used by attendees to describe Labour’s annual conference last week. That is Labour, the party which barring a miracle will sweep to power at next year’s general election and see its leader, Ed Miliband, become Prime Minister. 30 Sep 2014, 2:17 AM PDT

Hong Kong Leader Says Beijing Won't Back Down

Hong Kong's leader said China won't back down from its decision to limit voting reforms in the Asian financial hub as pro-democracy protesters set a Wednesday deadline for a response from the government to meet their demands. 30 Sep 2014, 1:54 AM PDT

Australian Police Arrest 1 in Counterterror Raids

One man was arrested in counterterrorism raids in the Australian city of Melbourne on Tuesday after police said he provided money to a U.S. citizen fighting alongside extremists in Syria. 30 Sep 2014, 1:42 AM PDT

Conservative MP Restates Desire for Tory-UKIP Pact

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has once more called for a pact between the Conservative Party and UKIP. Speaking at a meeting of the Eurosceptic Bruges Group on the fringe of the Conservative Party Conference, the MP for North East Somerset said that the British right is dangerously split and needs some sort of unity if it is to keep Labour out of power next year. 29 Sep 2014

White Dee At Conservative Conference: I May Vote Ukip

Deirdre Kelly, better known as ‘White Dee’ has told an audience at a Conservative Party conference fringe event that she “very well might” vote Ukip at the next election. She also indicated that she may consider running for a seat in Westminster as she thinks politics needs more people who are down to earth. 29 Sep 2014

Nationalist Groups Protest in Dover Over Threat to Hauliers Posed by Illegal Immigrants

Nationalist groups including the National Front, the British National Party (BNP) and the East Kent English Patriots gathered in Dover this weekend to protest against the government’s ‘abandonment’ of British truckers passing through Calais. The 50 or so protesters wanted to draw attention to the risks that drivers face from illegal immigration, both in terms of the threat of being attacked, and because they face huge fines if their trucks are found to have immigrants aboard. 29 Sep 2014

Tom Holland: Saying ISIS Has Nothing to do With Islam is 'Wishful Thinking'

A popular British historian, who has received death threats in the past, is again courting the displeasure of the Islamic community by suggesting the acceptance that parts of the Koran are “fictions” is the best way to slow the flood of radicalised British youth going to Syria and Iraq to fight, and would allow the emergence of a new, Western Islam. 29 Sep 2014

Hannan: Only a Tory-UKIP Pact Can Stop Labour

Conservative Party MEP Daniel Hannan has taken to the Daily Mail today to insist that an electoral pact between UKIP and the Tories is the only way to stop the Labour Party taking control of the British government at the general election next year 29 Sep 2014

Osborne Pledges Free Vote On EU Referendum

George Osborne used a series of media interviews at the Conservative conference to pledge a free vote in parliament on the EU referendum. This will allow backbench MPs to make their own decision on whether to support an in/out vote. 29 Sep 2014

Black Children in Monkey Costumes: When 'Diversity' Goes Wrong...

The budget fashion retailer Matalan has got itself into trouble over a photograph in its latest catalogue showing a group of cute kids dressed up in onesie animal costumes. Unfortunately, while the various white children are dressed as ladybirds, rabbits and Angry Birds characters, the only two black children have been dressed as monkeys. 29 Sep 2014

France's National Front Continue To Ride High, Taking Two Senate Seats

In a further blow to his credibility, French President Francois Hollande’s ruling Socialist Party has lost control of France’s Senate, allowing the National Front to pick up seats for the first time. The victory for the far right party marks their third significant electoral gain this year, and confirms their ascent into mainstream French politics. 29 Sep 2014

UKIP is Winning the Battle for Minds as Well as Hearts

The political glue that holds any new, insurgent party like UKIP together is the people. Money and resources of course help. But ultimately UKIP’s rise has been caused by thousands and thousands of people who are joining, campaigning and helping UKIP win elections right across the country. They want change. And they are making it happen. 29 Sep 2014

Taiwan President Backs Hong Kong Democracy Protesters

Taiwan's president threw his weight behind Hong Kong's democracy protesters on Monday, saying he was "very concerned" by events in the city and urging China to proceed with "peaceful and cautious measures". 29 Sep 2014

US-Led Airstrikes Hit 4 Syrian Provinces

U.S.-led coalition warplanes bombed Islamic State group positions overnight across four provinces in northern and eastern Syria, hitting a grain silo as well as the country's largest gas plant, activists said Monday. 29 Sep 2014

Conservatives Attack ‘Betrayal’ UKIP Defection at Tory Conference

Conservatives have used the first day of their annual conference in Birmingham to accuse Mark Reckless of “betrayal” for his defection UKIP. The Rochester and Strood MP was the shock final speaker at UKIPs conference, where he announced he would follow Douglas Carswell in standing down as an MP and fight a by-election for his new party. 28 Sep 2014

UKIP Is Parking Its Tanks on Labour's Front Lawn

This week Nigel Farage decamped his self-proclaimed People’s Army to the Yorkshire town of Doncaster. Starting days after a somewhat lacklustre Labour Party conference, the UKIP gathering was the last big opportunity to set their stall out not only for the upcoming by-elections in Clacton and Heywood but also the General Election in 2015. 28 Sep 2014

New EU Commissioners Put Through the Wringer

The men and women picked to run the EU for the next five years face a grilling by the European Parliament this week which could claim the scalp of at least one of them. 28 Sep 2014

DEFECTION: It Is Farage's Duty to Sweep Away The Tory Corpse... He's Doing it Pretty Well

It turns out that while David Cameron was dispatching the full might of his imperial outreach – six aircraft – to bomb ISIS, Nigel Farage was launching his own blitz on the Tories. The defection of Mark Reckless was not only a superbly choreographed piece of political theatre, it was a lethal blow to David Cameron, insofar as it is possible to deliver a fatal blow to a dead man walking. Future historians will study the demise – more accurately the suicide – of the Conservative Party with incredulous bafflement 28 Sep 2014

Iran's President: No Major Progress at Nuke Talks

Iran's president on Friday urged faster progress at nuclear talks between his country and six world powers, joining other top international officials who say the current round has failed to make substantial headway toward sealing a deal by the Nov. 24 deadline. 27 Sep 2014

Britain Joins Fight against Islamic State Group

Britain, Belgium and Denmark on Friday joined the U.S.-led coalition of nations that are launching airstrikes on the Islamic State group in Iraq, committing warplanes to the struggle against the extremists. 27 Sep 2014

Catalonia Defies Spain by Calling Secession Vote

The president of Spain's powerful northeastern region of Catalonia on Saturday formally called an independence referendum, the latest secession push in Europe and one of the most serious challenges to the Spanish state in recent years. 27 Sep 2014


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