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Chris Christie

Chris Christie: I’m a Catholic But I’ve Used Birth Control

Speaking at a restaurant town hall in Manchester, NH Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie took a question from a person who argued that the Bible was against war and fracking, but also endorsed turning the other cheek instead of fighting. Christie took the

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Venezuela Runs Out of Birth Control

Venezuela’s socialist government has run the OPEC nation’s economy to the group, prompting shortages of goods as varied as toilet paper, coffin materials, beer, and water. The shortage has now hit pharmacies, with most pharmacies having completely run out of most forms of contraceptives, particularly birth control pills.

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Iran Considers Vasectomy, Birth Control Ban; Amnesty Lashes Out

Iran’s new family planning laws enraged the international community and human rights organizations. The regime has proposed a ban on vasectomies and cutting access to contraception and abortion in an attempt to grow the population.