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Our Solar System is thought to have formed 4,567 billion years ago, followed by the Moon about 100 million years later

MoonEx Set to Begin Moon Mining in 2017

Moon Express, the first commercial company to win Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to travel beyond Earth’s orbit, announced that it has raised enough money for its first launch later this year to begin mining on the moon.

Amazon to Add 100,000 Employees for Automated Market

Despite CEO Jeff Bezos’s political battles with President-elect Donald Trump, Amazon is going all-in by pledging to hire 100,000 U.S. employees with full benefits to launch its fully-automated grocery markets, which are expected to offer drone delivery services.

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No-Fly Zone over Part of L.A.–for 3 Months

On Thursday, the FAA temporarily banned flights below 2000 feet over the northwest San Fernando Valley. The no-fly zone was imposed because of a fear that flights could ignite a gas leak initially discovered in October over Porter Ranch.

The FAA Wants All Drone Pilots ‘Registered’

The FAA released a series of rcommended drone regulations on Monday, just in time for Christmas. The documents list requirements and safety rules for drone pilots, a set of proposed guidelines that after a variety of drone-related accidents and problems have been

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FAA to Announce Registration Rules for Recreational Drones

With a constant string of near misses in airports across the nation and conflicts between neighbors over allegations of spying, federal regulators have been reviewing possible rules for privately owned, recreational unmanned aerial vehicles, often called drones. Now regulators have announced plans to force owners to register their devices with the federal government.

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FAA Moves Toward Approving Commercial Drone Use

Californians could soon see drones irrigating or dusting crops. Amazon and Google told the Wall Street Journal they have recently seen a major shift in the attitude of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding critical issues to accelerate commercial drone test flights that extend beyond the sight of the operator.

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FAA Proposes Commercial Drone Licenses to Anyone Paying $200 Fee

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unveiled its first commercial drone use regulation for unmanned aerial vehicles under 55 pounds on Sunday, 46 days later than promised. Not to be left out of the headlines, the White House issued a Presidential Directive requiring federal agencies to begin disclosing where they fly drones in the U.S. and what they do with the blizzard of surveillance data they have been collecting.

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FAA Opening Skies to Commercial Drone Use

Although the Federal Aviation Administration has not yet opened the skies completely to commercial drone use, it has opened the window a smidgeon. Bloomberg News reports that the FAA will permit commercial drones under 55 pounds to fly up to 500 feet above ground if flown during the day and within the view of their operators.

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Drone Safety Concerns on Hollywood Film Sets

While the use of drones in TV and film is gaining ground in an industry constantly looking for new ways to tell stories, many have raised concerns about their safety on film sets and in public.

Commercial Drone Use Approved for Four Companies

Commercial Drone Use Approved for Four Companies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it will allow four companies to use drones that weigh less than 55 pounds for commercial use.  The four companies–Trimble Navigation Ltd., VDOS Global LLC, Clayco Inc and Woolpert Inc.–say they plan to use

Cruz Winning Over Jewish Supporters

Cruz Winning Over Jewish Supporters

Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of an evangelical minister, used his knowledge of Jewish history and the Jewish calendar to wow Jews attending the annual Zionist Organization of America dinner in New York in late November.  Referring to the miracle

Ferguson Declared No Fly Zone By FAA

Ferguson Declared No Fly Zone By FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has halted civilian flights in Ferguson following law enforcement reports of protesters firing guns into the air. The flight restriction comes after law enforcement officials reported heavy automatic gunfire in the area of West Florissant

FAA to Approve Commercial Drone Use Next Year

FAA to Approve Commercial Drone Use Next Year

Civilian drones have been deployed by California farmers to monitor crop growth, cartographers to create more precise maps of the Swiss Alps, and even by archaeologists in Bolivia to help excavate ancient Inca ruins.  Most of these early adopters that have legitimized civilian