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Over 2,500 British Veterans Jailed In 2016

Statistics that come as the high-profile court case surrounding Royal Marine sergeant Alex Blackman reaches its conclusion show the disproportionately high level of former servicemen in British jails. Ministry of Justice statistics show that approximately 5 per cent of the

San Francisco homeless tent (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

San Francisco Journalists Coordinate to Raise Alarm on Homelessness

Journalists and reporters in the Bay Area are joining forces to flood news and social media with reports on San Francisco’s homelessness epidemic next month, with the hope that it will create a “wave” of coverage that will ultimately force politicians to take action to fix a problem that lurks at almost every corner of the space-starved city.

Report: Philippines Caged Homeless ‘Street Children’ to Make Way for Pope

Authorities in the Philippines engaged in an extensive effort to clear Manila’s streets of homeless children, a Daily Mail report uncovered, to shield Pope Francis from witnessing the crushing poverty the capital’s homeless face. Children were rounded up and caged in jail cells, made to eat scraps of food on the floor, and beaten by older inmates.