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Netanyahu, Putin Discuss Syria Crisis in 30 Minute Call

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone Tuesday for half an hour. The Prime Minister’s Office said that the phone conversation dealt with Syria and Iran’s attempts to establish itself in Syrian territory, with the PMO stating that “Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted on Israel’s security principles.”

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Netanyahu: Trump Decision on Iran Deal ‘Very Brave’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said President Donald  Trump’s decision on the Iran nuclear deal was “very brave.” Netanyahu said, “I’m focused on the result. I think that right now, the deal as it stands

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Netanyahu: ‘President Trump and I See Eye-to-Eye’

Monday before leaving for his meeting with President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he and Trump see “eye-to-eye” on a lot of issues. Netanyahu said, “The alliance between Israel and America has always been extremely strong, it’s