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Hollywood Goes All-In for Student Gun Control March

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon opened his show on Tuesday urging viewers to ‘demand change on the issue of gun control’ by attending Saturday’s March for Our Lives, backed by a bevy of celebrity cash and fronted by student survivors of last month’s deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Does Julianne Moore Think Private Car Sales Need Federal Background Checks?

On Tuesday, actress and gun control proponent Julianne Moore suggested background checks for firearms are comparable to safety requirements for cars, but she did not clarify whether she believes private car sales need federal background checks — even though that statistics show “the average car is 1.8 times as risky as the average gun.”


Actress Julianne Moore: Anti-Palin, Anti-Gun, Anti-History

Julianne Moore’s life off-screen is quickly becoming a tale of everything the actress abhors. From Sarah Palin, to guns, to Civil War history relating to the Confederacy, Moore can’t keep from stating her opposition to certain people, places, and things.

Julianne Moore Acceptance Speech (Video)

Julianne Moore picked up a Best Actress golden statuette at Sunday night’s Academy Awards for her role in the film “Still Alice.” Moore started her acceptance speech off with a joke. “I read an article that said that winning an

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Julianne Moore Believes in Therapy, Not God Or Guns

In an extensive interview with the Hollywood Reporter Magazine, actress Julianne Moore discussed her stance on a variety of issues, stating that she does not believe in God and finds it “shocking” that people are against “gun safety.”