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Goodell: We Are ‘Proud’ of NFL Players’ Social Activism

Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s “Golic and Wingo,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell praised his league’s players for the social issues they addressed, saying he and ownership are “proud” of their work. “The incredible thing for me was it certainly opened my

WFAN’s Francesa Rips NFL, Goodell Over NFL Celebrations

New York WFAN radio host Mike Francesa went after “clown” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Monday over the league allowing touchdown celebrations, saying the NFL is allowing “garbage in the end zone.” “It annoys the heck out of me,” Francesa said

Al Michaels: Jerry Jones Has Some Support From Other NFL Owners

As the ongoing feud between outspoken Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues, Sunday Night Football’s Al Michaels believes Jones has some private support from other owners. Michaels guaranteed Thursday on Mike Francesa’s WFAN radio show that

Sports Media Theorizes Papa John’s Slam on NFL Orchestrated by Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

On Wednesday the owner and founder of the Papa John’s pizza chain and major NFL advertiser held a press conference where he excoriated the league saying that its national anthem protests had cost him $70 million in business. Now, several members of the sports media have theorized that the owner of the Dallas Cowboys was behind the pizza chain’s complaints.

Good: Anthem Controversy Delaying Roger Goodell’s New Contract

It was once thought that Deflategate would be the signature, defining moment of Roger Goodell’s tenure as commissioner of the NFL. However, that theory prevailed in the comparatively innocent days before the advent of anthem protests. Now that it’s clear that those protests, and not mysterious psi levels, will come to signify Goodell’s tenure. Perhaps it’s poetically just that the controversy surrounding those protests, is what’s delaying Goodell’s new contract.

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett: First Step Towards Resolution of the Anthem Issue Is to Get Colin Kaepernick In the League

Now that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signaled surrender to the anthem protesters, by saying that the league won’t force players to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. The next logical step is for the anthem protesters to demand that the founder of their movement get a job in the league. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday.

Roger Goodell Just Surrendered the NFL to the Anthem Protesters

Writing in this space on Tuesday, I way too graciously headlined a piece by saying: “In Case You Missed It, the NFL Might Have just Caved On a Lot More than Just the Anthem Protests.” I must apologize for using the word “might” in this headline. Because there’s no might about it, the NFL has completely caved on the anthem protests.

In Case You Missed It, the NFL Might Have Caved on a Lot More Than Just the Anthem Protests

It’s safe to say, that when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote a memo to the league informing them it was time to “move past the anthem controversy.” Most people thought he meant moving past it by ending the protests, and, as a result, ending the controversy. However, a disturbing nugget of information from today’s meeting suggests that Goodell might have meant something else entirely.