Let the Strange New Liberal Respect for Al Jazeera begin!

In response to Naomi Wolf, Author of “Vagina: A Biography,” In Talks with Al Jazeera:

Not to toot my own horn, but I knew this was coming, on the day of Suziparkerpalooza:

At some point, Al Jazeera America is going to hire some on-air talent, right?  I think they’re supposed to launch sometime this summer.  They’ll probably have a bit of trouble securing commentators – especially now – but if they throw around enough of the sweet, sweet oil money they stuffed in Al Gore’s pocket, they’ll get somebody.

If those hires include liberal stars, are we going to hear about how they’re just desperate to stay relevant?  Come to think of it, is Al Gore desperate to stay relevant?  (Or just content to be irrelevant and filthy rich?)

Granted Naomi Wolf is covered by as much dust as an Obama State of the Union address, but she’s probably got enough nostalgia value for the left-media cocktail set to make them start drafting those “strange new respect for Al Jazeera” pieces they really wanted to write anyway.  At the very least, she’ll prompt a “Ten Reasons Why Al Jazeera America Might Just Be Better Than Fox News” screed or two.  Give them a higher-profile liberal “get,” or let them run some material helpful to Obama’s agenda once they go live, and they’ll be running neck and neck with MSNBC in no time.