Perhaps Simpson-Bowles Debt Plan Will Force Obama’s Hand on Entitlements?

In response to Sequester Will Force Obama’s Hand on Entitlements Says…The White House:

Sequester was always intended to apply pressure to both parties. Thatwas the whole point. The goal–according to the same White House FactSheet–was to force a deal that included “entitlement and tax reform.”So where are we on that right now?

As John noted – nowheresville. Obama *surprise!* isn’t keeping  his end of the bargain, correctly assuming that his media puppets will allow him to get away with it.

But what if another Simpson-Bowles plan drops in Washington. Will anybody hear it?

The plan unveiled on Tuesday would reduce the deficit by about $2.4trillion. About one-fourth of the solution would come from new revenue,another fourth from health care cuts, and the remainder from assortedother spending cuts, Bowles said on Tuesday.

“We need a grand bargain,” he added. Easier said than done.

In a statement, AFL-CIO honcho, Richard Trumka, described the plan as “dead onarrival” adding that it sent a message to America’sworking class to “drop dead.”

On Fox News, this morning Alan Simpson charged that if Obama doesn’t deal with entitlements he’ll have a failed presidency.

“If he wants to leave it alone and not deal with those two biggies(Social Security and healthcare costs) after the rest of the stuff,he’ll have a failed presidency.”

Does Obama even care? He’s in the process of fundamentally transforming America. The history books in the future he has in mind for us, will be very kind to him.