Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/4

Crimes, Hoaxes and Bad Behavior on Social Media.

Dumb criminals are dumb.


When you’re pondering doing dumb things, even the cloud is not safe.


A high school student in North Carolina posts a really dumb threat on Facebook.


Always be skeptical.

That story about the woman who was going to let the internet name her baby? Well, she punked the internet.


A Pew Research Center study tells us what we pretty much already know…

Social Media in Business and Law.

Be careful what you post on Facebook, it could come back to haunt you.  But you knew that already.

Gaye Jones v Mark Zuckerberg et al: “alleges that the company’s directors knew that Facebook did not disclose weaker revenue trends as more users accessed the website through mobile devices.”

Given the real problem of stalking on social media, I don’t know that I’d call this “stalking;” nonetheless, law enforcement is paying a lot of attention to what the youngins are doing on Facebook these days.

Hackers. Hackers. Hackers.

In the 2/27 Cyber Beat edition, I posted that The Pirate Bay was moving to Norway and Spain. It seems TPB was not welcome in Norway after all, and the guys have had a change of heart and have announced their (somewhat bizarre) new home.  Or have they?

In a remote controlled world, “almost everything around you” is hackable, say the experts.

Oh, the irony.


Ace of Spades has added a new feature over at his blog on gaming news, posted by ‘Gang of Gaming Morons!‘ – check it out.

The latest in a series of online pranks on the Egyptian President, this online game has gone viral.

This looks pretty cool.

Just because, well…chick power!