Weiner Told Sydney Leathers the Republican He Hates Most is Hannity

When Sydney Leathers asked Anthony Weiner which Republican he hated the most Weiner replied Sean Hannity.

The Daily Mail published portions of an exclusive interview with Sydney Leathers Monday morning. Most of the information duplicates what Leathers has already revealed elsewhere. However she did add this detail from their conversations:

Embarrassingly, Weiner shared his
thoughts with Sydney on his daily political life and when she asked him
which Republican he disliked the most, he replied by saying Sean Hannity
from Fox News,  adding: ‘I was thinking he would respond with like a
member of the House he had worked with and he actually said Sean Hannity
and that made me laugh because I hate Fox News so I got a kick out of

‘If I remember correctly, he said he’s an a**hole.’

I’m sure Hannity will be thrilled to have been a part of Weiner’s phone sex.

Later in the piece–one of three the Daily Mail published based on their interview with Leathers–she says she is considering going into modeling. That might be a smart move considering that she has probably made some powerful enemies on the left. Finding a job in the Clinton administration is unlikely.