Big Trouble In Little "China City," As Obama Considers Fully Embracing Communist China

You just can’t make this up. Apparently, ??(?????) ?????? (President Obama in El chinese-o) and his immigration department are thinking about letting Chinese investors build “China City,” a multibillion-dollar spread in the Catskill mountains of New York State.

If approved, every province in China would have an office there and foreign investors funding the development would receive green cards for their $500,000 checks under the EB-5 program designed to lure foreign investment, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative organization staunchly opposed to the project.

A detailed report authored by David North, a fellow with the Washington-based group, claimed there is “a charge from within the Chinese community that China City is a stalking horse for the Chinese communist government in Beijing.” He claimed he was told one group raised objections with the USCIS. 

“It’s a perfect storm of problems,” North told, citing what he called dubious job creation claims by the promoters as well as national security concerns. North noted that the developers claim 20 percent of the funding would come from U.S. taxpayers, which he said was a “pipe dream.” –Fox News

???????bu*lsh*t????? (Does anyone else smell the ‘BS’ stinking up the place!?)

Should we expect to see in the near future, America’s very own Fallujah City or Little Pyongyang City?