Ex-Ohio Superintendent Who Had Sex with Teen Busted by Video

Laura Amero
Portage County Sheriff

A pregnant Ohio school superintendent who admitted in court to having sex with a 16-year-old student had been filmed having sex in her office while she served as principal. She was later caught when the teen showed the video to his friends.

A judge sentenced Laura Amero, 35, last week to ten years in prison — the maximum sentence allowed under Ohio state law — after she admitted in court to having sex with one 16-year-old student while trying to get intimate with another 16-year-old while she served as their principal between 2015 and 2017 at Windham High School.

The former superintendent revealed in court that she is pregnant and is due next month, with the judge allowing her to delay her sentencing until April — two weeks after the baby is expected to be born.

Newly released recordings of her police interviews have revealed that she had been found out and arrested because some of the sex acts were being filmed in her office, WJW reported.

Officers brought Amero in for questioning in March of last year, asking her about an intimate video being passed around among students.

“I heard there was a video too. And that he showed it to people on the basketball team,” Amero told the officers in her interviews.

Amero initially claimed she was not the one in the explicit video, but then she admitted two days later that she was the one in the video and begged to “make it go away.”

“It was a weak moment, it was stupid,” Amero told the officers. “I’m not a predator, I’m not.”

Amero stepped down from her position as superintendent last June, two months after she was first arrested.


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