Cusack on Obama: 'Imperial Presidency,' Just Like Bush

Cusack on Obama: 'Imperial Presidency,' Just Like Bush

John Cusack the actor is very different than the politically engaged man we see through his Twitter feed and Huffington Post rants.

Cusack’s screen image – think Lloyd Dobler from the iconic ’80s movie “Say Anything” – is the ultimate Everyman. Cusack himself is a hard-left type, someone who glibly uses the most incendiary rhetoric to support his world view. Take his 2010 Tweets regarding Fox News and the Ground Zero mosque imbroglio.

Now, Cusack is out promoting his new film, “The Raven,” and he’s being asked to comment on the latest political headlines. That gave him an opening to smite President Obama for being too much like … George W. Bush:

ROSE: Meaning you expected more from the President and attorney general?

CUSACK: Yeah, I don’t think the executive branch- I think that they’ve, kind of, continued that imperial presidency of the Bush administration with this – these claims to executive privilege. I thought that speech about the assassination of American citizens- you know, in the name of terror- was, I thought, very, very troubling.


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