WATCH: UKIP Leader Farage Hit By Egg In Nottingham

WATCH: UKIP Leader Farage Hit By Egg In Nottingham

Nigel Farage had to flee a rally in Nottingham after he was hit by an egg. He got back into his car when he was hit in St Peter’s Square. 

The Nottingham Post reports the protester was cornered by men in an alley to the side of the Halifax building society. Farage was in Nottingham to campaign for the European Elections.

The protester is said to have been holding a placard that said: “Sad, scared old men”. The egging comes just days after Farage ‘chickened out’ of the Newark By-election leading twitter users to make a series of predictable gags.

There is great tradition in Britain of hitting MPs with eggs, many senior politicians have been victim to such an attack. In one notable incident the Deputy Prime Minister was egged by a protestor, but the politician was a retired amateur boxer and punched the man involved. 

This followed an earlier incident when chart toppers Chumbawamba threw a bucket of cold water over Mr Prescott at the Brit Awards. The only things harmed in these incidents was Prescott’s his dignity, and of course the man who egged him. 

Like Prescott, and countless others, Farage is believed to be unhurt.