Song Withdrawn Raises Questions Over BBC Intervention

Song Withdrawn Raises Questions Over BBC Intervention

Former DJ Mike Read has asked that the song he wrote in support of UKIP be withdrawn after being inundated with complaints that it was racist.

The UKIP Calypso song is sung in a mock Caribbean accent and praises UKIP leader Nigel Farage, however some have accused it of racism due to the fact it mentions “open borders” and “illegal immigrants on every street”.

Read said: “I am so sorry that the song unintentionally caused offence. It was never meant to, and I apologise unreservedly. I have told the record company to withdraw the single immediately.”

Despite the accusations, the song was yesterday at number one in the Amazon download chart and has been trending on Twitter for a number of days.

Mike Read defended the song on Monday, saying that he found the accusations against it “extraordinary”. He said: “It’s an old-fashioned political satire… you can’t sing a calypso with a Surrey accent.”

Read’s request now scuppers Nigel Farage’s hopes that the song will reach number one on the official singles chart.

Sources told Breitbart London that Mr Read had come under pressure from people around him, raising questions as to whether his position with the BBC – hosting a show on BBC Berkshire – has been threatened by his release of the song.

It would not be the first time the BBC has attempted to stop its employees expressing right-wing views, though it appears to have no problems allowing liberal-left commentators to speak out.


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